Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Blogger's new not safe for work policies...

Well Blogger has informed me that if you are "selling" porn that they will not allow that anymore on their site.



We are moving to tumblr.

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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

February Can't Come Soon Enough

Hey loves,

It has been a while. Too long. But I have great news. I am going to have all of this family stuff taken care of by February. I am so excited. I have miss everyone. So freaking much. Too celebrate. Here is a present for you all.

and remember. Very soon there will be new custom videos and pic sets up on But for the moment. Check out the site and drool. ;)

Love you All. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Thursday, August 16, 2012


UPDATE: I'm sorry guys. I am going to be AWOL for a bit. Some family personal reasons have come up. I will get back as soon as I can get this sorted. All my videos and things are still going here and I still will be around twitter occasionally. But alas I can't do any new stuff until I get this taken care of. Love to you all.

-Ambient Magic

Saturday, July 21, 2012


Special Surprise For you guys. A story that I wrote about domination and breaking a slave. A full story to make up for my laxness. Tell me what you guys think


So I am going to tell you about my little worthless piece of shit toy. He is worthless. He is truly WORTHLESS; in every sense of the word.  But alas, I am getting ahead of myself.  Let’s start at the beginning shall we?

Last January I went to a Gun Convention in Texas. It was quite a convention, being in Texas. I love going to cons and conventions. There are so many worthless examples of human kind there. This convention was no exception. I walked into the convention center and was immediately blasted in the face with the sights and smells of all the people there. Weirdoes were in every corner.  Gun nuts were walking around armed to the teeth.

I could tell this convention was going to be my bitch just by looking at these men. All the guns and arms and bluster were just to pretend that they were MEN. A man that was dominant. Haha! It was just a false front. They all know… They know deep down how much better women are than men.  They wouldn’t admit it, but they know that their true place is worshipping at a woman’s feet and bowing to her like the goddess she is.

I of course walked in with this mentality. I was dressed in my favorite cosplay. Laura Croft. Of all the characters to cosplay she is the ultimate bitch. No man or woman for that matter stood in her way. This mentality encompassed me.  I had donned the tight tank top that showed off the glorious curves of my perfect breasts, the tight black shorts that commanded men to worship my amazing ass; I had real pistols in the two holsters around my succulent thighs, and was wearing shoes that showed no mercy.  I could almost feel the men literally shaking in their boots as I strutted past, confident in the fact that I was WAY better than them. Let them drool. They weren’t worth an ounce of my time.
I knew that my outfit would cause a stir and that was exactly my purpose. I was looking for my next little bitch. But I wasn’t just looking for any weak little man, that couldn’t even stand up to the sight of me. I wasn’t looking for a man who would fall at my feet at the first whip of the lash.
No, fuck that!

I wanted a challenge. I was looking for a manly man. I wanted a person that projected manliness, a man that demanded respect and got it with just a look of his eyes. The “leader of the pact” is what I wanted if I had to put it in animal terms.  I wanted to find the best of the best. And then… I wanted to BREAK that man. I wanted to take his aura of manliness and shatter it into a million little pieces. I wanted to take that that fire in his eye and watch it submit to my will. At first he would hate me, but… oh ho ho how he would learn. He would worship the very sight of me after I was done with him. I would demean his very soul and he would thank me for the honor of me doing it to him.
As I looked and walked around the Con (always with men staring at me as I walked past) I kept an eye out for a specimen of such quality.  Of course that is like looking for a needle in a haystack. I saw all sorts of weak men. After an hour of not finding anything even remotely close to what I wanted. I decided to take a little break from looking for a bit. I started enjoying the guns on display. Oh all the toys. I started to imagine what I could do with one of those pistols to my human toys. Mmmm, oh hell Yes.  I could just imagine the fear on their faces as I “played” with them. The begging they would do….oh god.  I was getting wet just thinking of it.

As I fantasied I suddenly saw a glint on a table to my left. Keeping the fantasy running in the back of my thoughts I decided to see what that glint of light had been. I walked over and started to peruse the items on the table. To my disappointment it was just really shiny handguns. Nothing of real substance or quality but as I looked I heard a voice above me.

“A woman that knows what she is doing around guns? Wow, a rare quality in a girl.”

Expecting just a whiney salesperson I looked up with a sneer and comeback on the tip of my tongue and was blessed with a sight that almost had me drooling with desire instantly.  Right in front of me, talking to me was a man of ultimate manliness. He was gorgeous. He had perfect brown hair that I could tell all he did to it was just brush it in the morning. And yet it was still perfect (I felt a slight pang of envy, quickly squashed). He had a chiseled jaw with a cute goatee growing on his masculine chin. His eyes stood out to me, blue of the deepest oceans. They projected a kindness and wisdom that is rare in this day and age. My eyes followed the path of his body down from his face to his chest, a perfect chest. There were muscles that teased juicily from underneath his police academy shirt. I could see the hint of abs and his arms were flawless. He had the picture-perfect amount of muscles and it looked like a decent amount of brains from the way he was watching my eyes and expressions with a knowing expression on his face.

As we sized each other up with our eyes and body language I knew that this guy was very close to what I was looking for. He had the body and brains, but let’s see if he was a leader I thought to myself. “What makes you think that?” I said testing him. He smiled… and my God that Smile was brilliant. A look of joy and happiness radiated from him. “Well you have the real versions of the Laura Croft handguns in your holsters there, The Heckler and Koch USP Match if I am not mistaken. You kind of have to know what you are doing to own a pair of those,” he said. Ah yes I was right, he was smart, “Ah yes, thank you. I do try and know what I am doing around guns and other things.” I hinted and set up my “trap”. He caught my hint at a tease and flirt and he smiled again.

Leaning forward he put his hands on the table, knowing how it showed off his biceps and forearms. He seemed to be flirting back and taking the bait. “Well if you are looking for a decent new model to fit in those holsters I wouldn’t suggest any of these on the table. They are shiny and flashy but they don’t have any substance. I do have a nice set in the back here, that you might like to see if you are interested” He said as he (not to subtlety) flirted more. Inside my head I smiled an evil fun smile.
Oh yes he was gonna take the bait, now to see if he was a leader and commanded respect. “Oh yes I am interested,” my eyes saying “fuck me.” “But what would your boss think if he saw you disappear?” I said as I tested him again. He looked at me and his eyes said “oh yes, fuck you I will.”  Haha if he only knew what I had in store for him. He looked at his coworker and said “hey Ben, why don’t you go take a break? Let’s close down shop for an hour or two.” Ben was young enough to be oblivious to what was going on. “Yes sir, Lt. Williams,” he practically saluted before starting to shut down. Oh yes here was a leader. This was going to be fun. He would be mine, completely mine. This was exactly what I was looking for. “Ah you are a Lt. huh?” I looked at his police academy shirt, “On the force are you?” I asked. Showing off he said, “Yes mam, I am also in charge of all the stalls at the conventions that sell off these guns that we confiscate and have no use for.” 

I was a huntress on the prowl. He was mine now. Nothing would stop me. Haha with only two hours could I break him? Could I complete this challenge? “Wow that is cool, your idea?” I asked. Past the point of caring, I had found out what I needed to know and I didn’t let him answer. “I bet you have some more guns to show me in your room too?” I blatantly asked. I was tired of this entire pretense and back and forth flirting. He seductively smiled and moved towards me, putting his hand on the small of my back as he guided me away from the stall. I would make him pay for that possessive gesture later but for now I let him guide me. “I have a special few that I think you will enjoy” he said taking the bait, hook, line and sinker.

We started walking to his room. The entire time we were flirting and I started to show my dominant side a little more. I was swaying my hips as I walked in front on him. His eyes almost didn’t want to tear away from my ass as he tried to walk. Once he even tripped as he was watching. I laughed at that.  I teased him veraciously, all while walking. He was entranced by my forceful flirting. I could almost see his brain whirling behind his eyes at his good luck for this to be happening to him. By the time we got to the elevator I could see his erection. I would own him, daring to have erection just from my teasing. I knew what I wanted. This man would soon become my bitch. The fantasy that I had shelved in the back of my mind earlier came back with a flood. It hit me as I stepped in the elevator. I pushed the stop button halfway to his floor. He looked at me. And for the first time I could see a little bit of his fear as he tried to figure out what I was going to do to him.

 I knew that I would have to be quick. Normally I would at least spend a week breaking a new toy. If I could do this right I knew I would have a worthless sniveling toy for life. With only 2 hours to break this man, I would have to make him fall hard. I grabbed his throat and pushed him back into the wall. The fact that he easily could have thrown me off him, hell he could have bench pressed me with those muscles, but the fact that he didn’t gave me hope that I could break him in the 2 hours. I started kissing him. I could feel the railing behind him grind into his back. The thought of causing him pain, almost drove me into a flurry. I kissed him harder. My lips owing him, my tongue exploring his mouth, my nose smelling his scent, biting his neck, all of it marking him as mine. He responded with just as much fervor. It was to be expected. I hadn’t given him permission and that fact that he would dare kiss me back irked me but he would learn. First I had to own him. I pushed him to his knees hard; I pushed his face into the front on my shorts. I made him smell me. I made him take deep whiffs of my glorious pussy. I rubbed my clit through my shorts onto his greedy lips.

Already he was on his knees. Haha ohhh yes this was going to be good. I moved away leaving him wanting. He was already starting to get blue balls. I could tell it pained him to stop. He wanted me right then and right there. The gall of the man, he would learn that my desires were all that mattered! “Not yet” I teased and danced away from him. I pushed the continue button. Poor Lt. Williams was almost jumping and twitching with anticipation as we finally got to his floor. I let him lead the way. He was almost running down the hall. He pulled his door card out of his wallet. He was shaking as he missed twice in inserting it into the key slot. Finally he got it unlocked and I tackled him as he opened the door.

He tripped over his suitcase as I tackled him. We fell to the ground in a heap. Me on top of him, grinding my cunt on his thigh. Feeling his swollen dick underneath his tight jeans, I teased and played. I closed the door with my foot from my position on top of him. I could see that he was hot for me. He could almost not stop shaking. Every time he tried to kiss me though I ignored it and did something else.

After a few minutes of teasing him and seeing him get more and more frustrated, I stood up. “Go to the bed, get undressed” I said to him from my position above him. He tried to grab my ankle and legs to pull me back down on top of him. I was furious he would dare to try that and so turned on by the fact that he did try. I would MAKE him obey. The fucking asshole, a goddess doesn’t care about her subject’s wants and desires. “Get up you fucking bitch, do as I say” I yelled, kicking my feet out of his reach. He looked hurt for a second, and then a flash of anger passed over his face. Oh the silly man. I could read his eyes and knew that he was going to try to exert his dominance over me. “Last chance to obey me” I said quietly. It wasn’t going to happen. I knew what to expect. We both still had our clothes on and I still had my pistols in my holsters. I prepared myself. With a pitiful roar he jumped up from the floor and came at me, trying to grab me and throw me on the bed with him on top.

I knew he was going to try that and as he was halfway to me in a crouch I quickly grabbed my gun and pistol whipped him on the side of his head. I timed it that so that when I hit him he would fall on the bed. And I got the timing perfect. He fell; fell slowly, like he couldn’t believe what had just happened. I almost laughed with glee. He fell on his side, stunned and on the verge of passing out. I stood over the bed with my pistols, watching him slowly lose consciousness. “I warned you to obey me, now you pay the consequences.” Those were that last words he heard me say as his eyes closed and he fell into the deep black of oblivion.

 After about 30 minutes he finally came too. Groggily and moaning he opened his eyes. I was still dressed and propped up on the low dresser that was in front of the bed, watching him. I greedily watch his pain surface. I watched getting wetter by the second as he noticed what was wrong. He tried to move his hand to his head to help with the pain from where I had hit him, when his arm jerked to a stop. With confusion that lead to a look of horror, he turned his head and saw that his arm was cuffed and tied to the bed. (Both ways, since I knew that he was strong and didn’t want him getting out). Then he started to take inventory of his situation. Both arms were tied and cuffed to the posts of the bed in a wide stance. He was gloriously naked. Every inch or his amazing muscles started to glisten from sweat as he started to panic. His legs and ankles we strapped down to the bed and his feet were tied to the footer. He was truly immobile. I could see his panic in his eyes. I could see the fear. I licked up every drop with my mind.

Finally he looked up and saw me sitting on the dresser and watching him. “What have you done you bitch,” hatred and anger spitting forth from his mouth. “That is the last time you call me that I warned him mildly. You may call me goddess or mistress or mam. You will speak when I ask you a question. No other time. Do you understand?” I asked him. “You are a fucking psychotic whore,” he spat at me. I took the crop (that I had taken out of the duffle bag that I had ran and gotten from my room after tying him up)  and jumped off the dresser and smacked him hard on his inner thigh. He screamed. It hadn’t really hurt him but it infuriated him. He started shaking and thrashing against his bonds trying to get at me. I watched as his muscles worked to no avail. For a good 3 minutes he tried to get out of his bonds. I just laughed at him as he tried. For those 3 minutes the bed was almost off the ground with his movements. Finally he got tired and stopped. His chest and stomach were heaving as he breathed hard while lying there. His brain seemed to take over at this point. He started to calm down and started to think. “Good, now you understand, don’t you my pet.” I said sweetly. “ I understand that you are sick,” he said with a quiet anger.

 I just laughed. “You will learn,” I smacked his chest with my crop, harder this time. It left a welt almost instantly. “Ah” he screamed. “I didn’t say you could speak you fuck piece of shit.” I smacked him again. Twice I hit him on the tender part of his triceps on his arms. I could see the rage building again. “You are my bitch now, you will do what I say or get punished,” I said to him. I saw his face get angrier and angrier. He knew he couldn’t get out but he was going to try again. He struggled fiercely. His muscles bulged hugely trying with all his might to break his bonds or the bed. For five minutes he tried again and again. And this time the entire time I whipped him. I hit him as hard as I could on every muscle. On his biceps, on his abs, all over his legs and calves, on the bottom of his feet, I hit him leaving welts.

Finally when he wouldn’t stop yelling and struggling, I had had enough and I punched him in the balls, HARD. I saw the tears form in his eyes as he tried to curl into a ball and couldn’t because of his ties. He stopped yelling and I knew that I would have to gag him. While he was dealing with that pain I took his own dirty underwear and tied a tight gag around his mouth. I did it fast as was done before he even noticed. “You have shown me that you can’t be good, therefore you will be punished. I gave you three tries. You are going to regret it.” I beat him more this time. I took my crop and beat him mercilessly. By the time I was done, there were welts all over his body and he was crying. I could see him begging me to stop. I was breathing hard from my exercises. He was limp from his exertions. “Are you going to be good now?” I looked at the fire that had been so prevalent before and watched it fade. Now the only thing left was resignation, but I could tell there was still hate behind those eyes. He would do as I command but he would hate me.

I looked at the time. It had only been 45 Minutes. Step one: make him mine was accomplished. “Show me that you can be good?” He nodded his head and I untied his gag. “I will do as you command mistress,” he said with sullen eyes. For the moment it would work. “Good boy.  I want you to watch me. Watch and tell me how much you want this and tell me how good this feels.” I went and grabbed the flogger out of the duffle bag. I draped it over his thigh. Expecting a hit he flinched. Oh yes this was working. “Good boy.”

 I started to tease him, tickling all of his erotic zones. I saw him fight against it but he started to get hard to my actions. I could see him fight the hatred inside him as he started to get pleasure. He started to plead with his eyes. “Do you want me to do this?” I tickled his half hard dick. “No mistress, please don’t do that.” I continued with him for another few minutes (making him beg me not to the entire time) until he was fully hard and I saw pre cum come out of his dick. His eyes had gone shiny and glassy with desire. I could tell he hated himself that he was getting and enjoying pleasure from someone that had just beat him. “Do you want to cum?” I softly asked. After a second of deliberation he said “yes, please goddess.”

“Hmm, I don’t think you have been good enough yet. You should please me first.” He woke up out of the pleasure trance as I stopped pleasing him with my crop and hands. I could see his pain from not Cumming. I didn’t care. I knew that he was mine. “You will please me as much as I want without a thought for yourself. Do you understand you worthless piece of shit.” I saw that last little bit of fire and sullenness go out of his eyes. I walked in front of the bed. I looked at his face over his rock hard dick then I started to tease him. Stripping my shirt off, Peeling my shorts of watching his dick jerk a little from desire, slowly taking off my holsters, setting my pistols down carefully, all teasing him. I jumped on the dresser and opened my legs so he could get a good view of my sopping wet cunt.  “Tell me how much you want this,” I said as I started to play with my pussy under my sexy lace black panties. He was almost sick with desire. He was barely even noticing what he was saying but he was talking and couldn’t take his eyes off me.

Finally I had had enough of play. “You will now worship me looser.” I jumped off the dresser and slipped of my panties and bra. His mouth dropped as he saw my full naked body standing in all my glory in front of him. I walk to the bed and straddled his chest. I slid to his mouth and started grinding my pussy against his greedy lips. “Worship me faster, I smack his chest behind me” I barely let him breathe. I ground faster and faster until I finally was so close to cumming that I couldn’t stand it. I quickly stopped before I came and took some calming breaths. He looked at me in confusion. He was enraptured. He truly was mine. I had broken him. I smiled.

“You truly are mine now aren’t you, you piece of shit. You are worthless. You only object in life now is to please me.” He couldn’t say yes fast enough. He had pleased me. Still straddling his chest I said “Good, I will give you a reward now. You are not allowed to cum until I say so. Although you may beg as much as you would like.” I slid back to his stomach and back further and further, slowly teasing. I took his dick in my hand and guided it to my pussy. I hovered there for a second watching his expression. It was all worship. Not an ounce of anything but worship.

I slammed my body down and his dick HARD into my pussy. I heard him gasp and almost cum. “Don’t you fucking cum you worthless bitch.” I started to grind against his dick. It filled me to the brim. Oh yes my desires were all that mattered. He started begging to cum almost immediately. “Not yet, not yet, not until I say.” Finally I couldn’t stand it anymore, I held off as long as I could but I finally came, allllllllll over his throbbing dick. “Don’t cum.” I was screaming. As soon as I had finished cumming I quickly jumped off his dick. “Now cum you fucking worthless shit, Cum for your Goddess.” He came with a scream from the bottom of his toes. He came all over his stomach and legs. His huge load spurting all over him.

When he had recovered I looked and saw that it was exactly at the 2 hour mark. I laughed. Oh yes. I was a goddess in truth. But I wasn’t done with him yet. I went to his pant and found his phone. I untied one of his hands. “Call Ben, Tell him you had some bad food at lunch and are done for the day.” He looked at me in horror and rapture. He smiled knowing he would be mine for the rest of the day. “Yes, Mam”

My First Week

After 6 long days of work I am exhausted. I forgot how rough it is working on your feet all day.  Whew. I think I am going to have to get some really nice plushy comfortable shoes to go with this job. Thank you everyone for your patience.  I am fitting in well I feel. And most of my coworkers are really nice. There are still of course people I don't know well yet but it seems like smooth sailing for a while. Anyways I might have a special surprise for you. I know my last Tuesday Teases have been a tad lax so I have something to make up for it. Working out the final details on it now. But should know very soon. Anyways Keep your eyes open for it. Kisses


Ambient Magic