Friday, May 27, 2011

Music that gets me in the Mood

I love being bad. Here is a new examples of songs that get me in the mood to have hot, nasty sex.

and also

So enough about the things that make me hot. What type of music makes you hott?

So pay period is coming up and i was on for 7 hours and i made a pitiful 100$ sigh which puts me at 638 for 27 hours (23$ an hour) . I guess we all have bad days but sheesh i thought i'd make twice that.  Eh whatever I have made enough to pay the bills i wanted to with it and a little extra for a surprise for my husband's band. It wasn't a slow day yesterday but i just had like 2 min people a lot. And of course I had the normal chaff. There was this one girl who got in my free chat and said she was a model. Keep trying to get me to show my nipples. lol. In my head I was thinking "do you think i am fucking stupid?". I guess some new girls might get sapped by that line but not me. I only do that if i get paid for it.

I also had on other guy just be a dick I banned him right away but it hurt my feelings. I was getting my hd set up and you have to be broadcasting first before u can go to hd so your broadcast screen that the customers see is black until you get it set up. It takes me like 30 sec max. Anyways this guy comes into free chat while it's still black and i say "hold on getting hd up" so he waits around. And as soon as it starts broadcasting and he sees me (he sees my face and boobs) he types "omfg you are ugly, get off this site"! Omg i was soo angry but i smiled at him and waved my fingers and said bye fucker as i banned him. Now i have only had like maybe 1 in 200 guys not like me but it still hurt. I shouldn't let it but fuck that dude.  

Anyways about mfc. I have been waiting...and...waiting for them to approve my documents so i can download the software so i can get started but it has been 4 days now. I tried sending them an email through their email system but it said the address i was inputting didn't exist. There wasn't even a link that auto sent me to email. I think i am just gonna submit all the documents again. And then maybe they will accept them.

 Recent updates: I set up my twitter account for Modeling and i joined a camgirl twitter site. They have a list of other models and porn girls. Its pretty awesome. I found a bunch of other blogs to follow which is awesome. I will put them in my other links place here soon.

Until later


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Desire and Power

Let's be honest. All of us webcam models plague on other men (and women's) desire. They log into our web chat and are thence enticed into Private chat.  This process is how we make our money. We all know the drill but what i have been finding out about myself has surprised me. I am finding that i get a sense of power from this. And i like it! I have the control over other men. I can control their most intimate fantasies with a twirl of my hair or a lick of my lips. And then that thought just grows. If we go private I become the embodiment of everything they want.  Even though i am "playing" roles (depending on the customer) it is still me that has the power. It is weird the things I have been learning about myself when i thought that i was a fairly introspective person. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that i get a lot of guys that want me to domme them? Has anyone else experienced anything like this?

Anyways I have been doing decent on my normal site. Every time i get on i have had a goal to make 100$ (whether that takes 2 hours or 5) I have worked 20 hours and made 540$ ( about 27$/hour). It kinda grinds my gears that I could have already doubled that amount at mfc if i had been getting 60%.  But for the moment it doesnt matter. It would take me almost triple the time at normal job to make that kinda dough.

Speaking of mfc. They got back to me. They accepted my application and i have filled out all my profile stuff and all that. They just have to approve my documents and i am all set to go. They told me to explore the site in the meantime. I have tried to explore it but i think the site is very poorly organized. I have had trouble navigating it. anyways the tornado sirens are going off atm so i better go just in case lol


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What's Best

Hey all,

It'll be a quick one today. I have been making about  $100 every time I am online. I had one guy last night who spent 35 mins with me. (he spent 139$ on me and i got 40$ of that...its only 30%....) He was nice. We talked a lot and i slowly brought it around to sex. He is a college professor and I made up this story about me being a student trying to get some extra credit. I pretended we are going over drama lines and i get down on my knees and slowly unbuckle his pants and then pull down the zipper with my teeth (while he continues to read the lines) and then i take his dick out and tease him with my tongue by slowly flicking it across the head... And then when he cant stand the tease any more I push him down on his back on his desk. Papers and pens flying off the desk recklessly falling on the floor. I will leave you to imagine what happens next. Lol lets just say that I got an a+.

I also made up a very good story for the guys that want me to dominate them. I am still getting a bunch of those dudes. I think i am actually enjoying it. I have 2 different vibrators and i pretend that one is the guy that i am camming dick's and then the other one is some other guy's dick that i just brought into tease the one i have "tied" up. It gets interesting lol.

Well i am thinking about looking at other sites. I am making decent money but i want to see whats out there. I am looking into mfc and livejasmin. Maybe i will have two accounts. I dont know really. I sent an application to both sites. We will see what comes of it. Hopefully more money  and not just 30% lol

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Learning Stage

I have been doing this for about 3 days now (camming time that is). I have spent 16 hours or so and i have made about 340$ which averages out to 21$ an hour. Which is totally not bad.  I am getting my fan club to grow (slowly unfortunately) but every bit helps and when they view my recorded videos I get money off that without doing a thing. The main thing that I am learning is how to not tease too much. No matter how much I read up on and prepared beforehand it's just something that you have to learn through experience. It is a fine line to straddle. Too much skin, not enough. Too much boob play, not enough etc...

I find that a lot of my private chats are not super long. Most are about 5 mins but i get the occasional 2 min people and every now and then i get the 10 min + people. I even did a group chat today. That was fun had about 4 guys in there for 10 mins. I got some decent bank off that. I have been having a lot of people in free chat as well. Most guys are nice and go on and on about my fine "qualities" (lol), but today i had to ban someone. I was just going to kick him but he made me angry (i didn't let my face show it). He kept spamming the same thing incessantly. I warned him 3 times, and he would stop for a min or two and then continue the abuse. Eh, he was fair warned. Has anyone else ever had a person that they had to kick or ban? I have to say I enjoyed the power I control with the push of that button. ;)

 I do get a lot of free chat cam2cam sessions. So pretty much, in the corner of my screen, a little cam pops up that shows the customer doing "whatever" and it is in free so i have lots of other people messaging me so i have to split my already multiple private messaged mind even more. And i cant go all out and say "oh ya baby, you know i want to see you put that in my... etc..." That would end up giving all the other free chat customers a free show. But its free money. If they wanna show me them jacking off while i am still trying to get other guys to take me private. By all means go ahead. ha ha lol.

On the subject of fetishes however i have had a few, shall we say "interesting" ones. I really like people that like feet. It is so easy and I don't have to get naked. All i have to do is take my heels off ha ha. I get more elaborate than that but u get the idea. It seems that i also have the tendency to draw guys that want me to dominate/humiliate them.... I don't really get why. I have a "sweet" face. I like controlling them and i like to make them "worship" me but i don't understand why they are drawn to me in the first place. I also have guys that want to do the father/daughter thing. Which is a tad shady on my morals but i will pretend to a certain age. But these guys want me to go waaaaay young. And i just can't do that. For one it's weird and 2 i have way too much boob-age for that lol.

I have to say that I am really enjoying what I do. Its fun. I am going to have to stock up on stockings though. I already shredded one pair with my heels. :(  I almost want to go full time with this but I have to have a "normal" job to keep up appearances. I work at a clothing store so i get discounts on the naughty things we get. So i figured it was smart business sense to keep the normal job. Anyone else feel like they have to keep up appearances?

Anyways enough of my rambling for one night

<3 Ambient

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My First Night

So it went better than i expected. I was really nervous at first. I came home from normal job and then it took me two hours to prepare lol. I made sure everything was perfect. In four hours i made 86$. Which is alot less than i thought i would be getting but that would take me 10+ hours to get that at normal job so i cant complain.

So most everyone was really nice. I did have two dudes over the course of the night that were all "if you woulds shape up some you'd be a bombshell" and one asshole asked if i was pregnant but he left right after that so i ignored it. One the other side of the hand though. I had guys that wanted to kiss my belly and etc. My first private guy was really nice. He was more of a talker and all i had to do was get naked. He spent 30 mins with me. That was nice. And then i had a guy who kept private messaging me most of the night but ended up not being able to resist and went and put money in account to private with me for about 10 mins. He wanted me to dominate him. I told him that i have never done that before but that i would be willing to try. I liked it. i took my panties and flicked them at the screen like a whip lol.

So i was on about 4 and 1/2 hours and i think that is going to be my max a day unless i don't have to normal work that day. I could tell that i was getting tired there at the end.

-Love Ambient

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Set Up

So it's gonna be short and sweet tonight. I got my studio all set up and i tried on all my outfits. I modeled around seeing the best angles and i got all of my toys set up in a nice little box.  All today at my normal job i kept thinking about little recorded videos that i want to make or do for customers. This video shows off my metal side. I want to be dressed up in a sexy leather biker jacket and ripped up jeans and boots and do a strip tease to some really sexy lingerie and maybe have some s&m undertones to it. I think that'd be hott and fun to shoot. I think i am going to wait to do it until i have some more expierence under my belt. Anyways until later


Friday, May 13, 2011

Just starting out

Hey everyone. My name is Ambient. I am 22 years old and 5'7. I am a tad overweight but i am not going to let that stop me. I am trying to lose some weight but i am going to keep my curves. I am just starting out as Web Cam Model. I have to say i am pretty nervous about it. I have spent a considerable amount of time doing a ton of research on this. I have been reading soooo many guides and blogs and experiences from other Models who have been awesome enough to post their experiences on the web like they do. They inspired me to start a blog about my experiences too. 

OK so lets talk about how I came to this decision. My husband and I have a pretty open relationship we are swingers and we participate in a swinger website (which i love). I have always seen the live chat models that are there on that site. I never really paid much attention to them. They seemed so far out of my league. Well one day i was on our site and i just happened to click on one of the models because she was pretty. After watching her for awhile i noticed out of the corner of my eye the 2.99 a minute for nude chat. It took my brain a second but then i was like "WAIT, 2.99 A MINUTE?". Now let me explain something about myself I am a bit of an academic and my math mind just went wild. I kept thinking how much money that was. I then found out where our website was getting all these models from. There were a few that they bought from but stuck out to me. I read up on it and the more that i read the more i thought to myself " I could do that, that's easy, i think that i would even be good at that." So after asking my husband his opinion on it (he was hesitant at first but then got excited about it) I decided to go ahead and do it. I signed up and filled out all the extensive paperwork. 

And i filled out the profile. That was interesting experience. I had to search my brain for the sexiest things that i could think off. Lol i actually turned myself on by thinking about the things i put on there. And then my husband was like you need a laptop and an hd camera. (i had been working on my desktop) So he went out and bought it for me. (He is so awesome) 

Well night i decided to test out all my new equipment. My laptop is awesome and it is working fine. Then i hit the broadcast button and i was broadcasting but i couldn't get any of my settings to work. So i ended up talking with live customer chat for 1-2 hours. (the customer service was very helpful) Well the camera was just showing to the guys who periodically came into free chat my hands on my key board and a little bit of my boobs under my shirt. I was like "sry guys trying to get my hd to work, my premier is monday" lol and one of the guys was like can i have a prequel so i showed him my boobs provocatively. And i was doing a little dirty talk. "do you want to see me monday?, see what i can do for you, make you soo hott" etc. And it was SO FUN. I loved that little prequel. It was awesome. So my plan for this weekend is to get my "studio" all set up and get my outfits in order and get my "toy" box going. I am also going to do a ton of more research about what other models do and learn more tips and tricks of the trade. 

-Love Ambient