Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Party, but no swinging

So tonight was the much looked forward to Halloween Party. We were the first to arrive...always a tad awkward but it was still cool. We went with my Twin sister and her husband. He was Jack Sparrow (did the voice and the walk and everything). She was a lion tamer. The hubby was the Red Masque from Poe's poems and I was Amelia Earhart. We had some of the best costumes in the place. The room was very well Halloween-ed out. It looked cool as shit. There was fog and scary stuff all over the place. Food and drinks. It was very cool. BUT...(of course there is a but) it wasn't a swinger party....

I just feel that i can't be myself in a "vanilla" party. Maybe Its just me but i wanted to be my normal slutty, cam model, swinger self. I wanted to dance and possibly strip and end up having an orgy of hot sex with a bunch of the couples that were there. There were some fucking ....HOTT girls there. Wearing some realllllllly slutty things. This one girl was in a Christmas nighty of a sorts and she kept bending over and showing everyone her ass. My god. I just wanted to tear off that flimsy outfit she had on and proceed to...lets just say do "naughty things" to her.

Anyways enough of fun time, down to business. There is only 1 day left in my raffle. See my previous blog to get the details on what you will win. I will be giving 5 VIP spots away. It is only $5 to enter the contest and at least you will win one video if you dont get a vip spot. Everybody is a winner. All you have to do is follow the link, join the site if you haven't already and then click the contribute button.

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I love you all. Kisses


Monday, October 24, 2011

Bubbles: Biggest Naughty Photo set Ever

So over the weekend. I got the idea to do a shower/bath picture set. It was one of the most fun shoots that i have ever done. My twin took all of the pics of me and it was just a all around good time. I don''t have a bathtub (i know it sucks) but just a stand up shower, so i ended up doing them at her place.
I totally didnt know how to work her tub. You know that feeling looking at all those knobs and wondering which does which, especially when they arn''t marked. Lol. So it ended up being that water was really hot when i first got in. haha but i added some cold and then got to shooting. It was really fun being wet and naughty.
I was having so much fun that we took over 200 photos. HAHA I put them on my pc here and was like "whoa thats a lot of pics" Anyways I edited (getting rid of the blurry ones or ones where i was making a weird face) and shortened it down to 105! Which is still a ton of pics. LOL anyways I posted a few teasers for you all. I have the whole naughty set for sale. see my twitter if you want th entire set or just email me. $20 for the entire thing...which is a deal if you ask me.

  For my peeps. (trying to win a contest, go vote plz its free to sign up)

Anyways sry about the spam there at the end. I wanted to thank all the guys that have given me stars and messaged me and posted comments on my pics. Every bit of that helps push me into the number one spot one say. Working my ass off to get ms. Candy crib but i have some competition. So if you all wanna vote for me, that''d be super great. LOTS of LOVE to all you wonderful people

-Ambient Magic

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Here are some sexy Previews and Free Pics

Thursday, October 20, 2011

MyGirlFund Vip Giveaway

Hey all,

So who wants free stuff? And by free stuff I mean it is possible that you could win up to a year of xxx content from me. Solo, b/g, anything that i make. Not to mention Free Cam Shows Who doesnt want that?Let me break down all the prizes that you could win.

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nothing to lose here guys...

-Ambient Magic

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Meeting Undress Jess

How is everyone one on this beautiful Sunday? I'm doing really well. I slept for far too long however. But to give me credit I did drive almost half of the state yesterday. I spent 3 hours driving to a place on the Ohio river and then spent 2 hours there and then drove 3 hours back. It was a burlesque show that I went too. Undress Jess (that i have only met thru the internet until last night) was in the show and invited me down since we don't live that super far away from one another.

The Burlesque show was awesome. It was funny and sexy and waaaay to much of a tease. There was this one girl that was hula hooping and omg....I didn't know that hula hooping was so sexy. But DAMN. That is all i have to say about her. And Undress Jess that was in the show. Is such a good dancer. Not to mention really freaking pretty. We got to talk for a bit in between the show during intermission. And she was really nice. She invited me to come down again sometime and do a photo shoot with her. I have some silly candids we did together quickly but I have to get them off my camera.

Anyways got a question for you guys. Why the hell does driving take so much outta you? I mean really, all you are doing is sitting there. Especially if you have cruise control. I did have fun driving though. My twin and my friend came down with me and on the way there we had girl talk. And i LOVE girl talk. And then on the way back we had the music pumped and were like dancing and singing the songs on the radio at the top of our lungs, hahaha. Good times. Good times. :D


Ambient Magic

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Avengers Anyone?

Ok guys who is super excited for this movie to come out. And not just because of Scarlet. Though I do have to say her in that skin tight outfit is a big plus. They just came out with the Official Trailer for the movie. here is the link for the Avenger's Trailer

This movie has to be setting record for the longest tease ever!!!!! I'm serious how long have they been advertising and leading up to this movie? What has it been? I think at least five years. I know the first time I saw that they were gonna make the movie was at the end of Ironman. With all this hype I really hope the movie will be able to compare to my (and i'm sure others) expectations.

Speaking of Ironman, What is your favorite superhero movie. And what movie do you want Holleywood to make next? I find it hard to choose a favorite. But Ironman is probably my number one with The Dark knight coming in at a close second and then followed by Thor. I haven't seen the Green Lantern yet. What are your opinions guys?

Until I blog randomly again ;)

Kisses :) 
-Ambient Magic

ps feel free to comment guys i wont bite....(unless u want that lol)

Monday, October 10, 2011

Probably my most intense orgasm ever

I can't think straight but i had to blog about tonight. My entire body is still trembling after almost 45 mins after.  I was on my mygirlfund site. Its a nice site. You kinda have to hustle a bit but other than that it is a cool site. Anyways I start talking on chat (typing only) with this guy. We talk for a bit and he buys one or two of my videos. He likes them. I then had dinner and then he contacted me again when i got back on. We chatted about stuff more and more, what we liked and all that.

Then it turned into what we like about sex. I told him that we are swingers and all that. I told him that I lean towards being a sub in a dom/sub relationship. I think this must have got him going because we just started being naughty. He paid me, but he made me work for it. Just on and on about what he is doing to me. Controlling my motions. And my god. It was amazing. I was in his complete control. I don't know how he did this. It was like being under a spell. I would do anything he would tell me to do. (except for what i had told him i didnt like to do earlier)

Now I remind you. This is just typing. For a complete 2 hours he made me play with myself in various ways. Getting me close to cumming and then making me stop. Never letting me cum until he said the word. Making me put my complete trust in him. How i needed to be controlled even asking me why. I couldn't think. The only thing left to me was emotions. Desire, need, wanting, almost hate when he wouldn't let me cum. It was like riding a roller coaster.

Halfway through i wanted to cum so bad...and he wouldnt let me. I thought to myself, "what if i just came and told him that i hadn't since we are chatting?" I was so close and i was weak. But I dredged up enough willpower to stop and truely think. "I have never had a guy truly dom me in this manner, what is it going to be like when i do cum? where are my limits? Can he push me past those limits?"

So i didn't cum. I waited...and waited. Each time thinking that I couldn't last any longer. Any second now i was going to burst. And each time dragging myself back from that edge of desire. Prolonging my pleasure. Letting him control when i could cum. Pushing the limits of my mind and body. My legs trembling. My pussy pulsing with need for release. By the end I was calling him "sir" and literally begging him. I even turned my camera on at the end. He wanted to see my face while i came.

He started a 30 sex countdown except that turned into 20 mins. It was the LONGEST COUNTDOWN EVER.

" want to cum don't you?...yes sir.....I control you completely....yes sir...beg me to cum...beg me...29....yes i am begging you please....good girl.... why do you want me to be in control?....i need it sir.... please....28"

Imagine that for 20 full mins. By the time he got to 1 I was sooooo close. After proabably the 13th or 15th time of pulling myself back from that edge i didn't think i could last any longer. Finally he made me beg even more dragging out the time that i was teetering on that black abyss of nothingness. Every nerve in my entire body taunt with the longing to jump.

As soon as he said the word cum, I came like never before in my entire life. It was like lightning had hit me. I seemed to have gone on forever. Every fiber of my being bursting into light. Pleasure roaring from ever single pore. Riding the wave of my orgasm. It seemed to go on forever....

Right in the middle of that,...everything seemed to fade away...There was no light, no sound, no pleasure, no pain. Reality itself disappeared. It was simply black...It was calm....there was only the essence of being.....

Then everything came...rushing back. I finished riding the wave...spiraling down into aftershocks of pleasure rocking my body. I felt like I was stoned. But 10x better. Everything seemed to be awash in color and light. I was happy and calm. I couldn't even think straight. I barely calculated the amount he owed. Got it wrong by making it to low and he corrected me and made it right (such a sweet guy). We talked for a bit after. I told him about that "place". He says he has had that too. After that we went our separate ways until a later date.

Now that I am thinking back on it my scientific mind is whirling 100 miles a min. What the hell was that place? Is it around us all the time? Is it some form of magic? Is it some form of afterlife? What was it and how the hell do i get back there?.... Do I want to? or better yet... Do I not want to?

Thoughtfully yours,


Saturday, October 8, 2011

Camming Rules! oh and content too

Hey guys here is the vlog. I really enjoy doing these videos. Enjoy gentlemen and ladies. Oh and the pics that I promised you.

Sunday, October 2, 2011


So yesterday i made a ton of content for all of you guys. The hubby spent the day with the band practicing. So i was at home all by myself (therefore the content making). I was sad and missing him. But then he came home and said we were going to go to Oktoberfest. If you don't know what that is, it is a little festival that occurs during the first week in October. There is tons of beer, games, food, rides, a flea market etc. I was really excited to go.

We haven't been out on a real date in a while. He then told me that all the guys from the band we going to come as well. That made we really happy. It was cold as shit but i wore my nice really warm leather jacket. We got there and I swear I got a tenderloin and it had to be as big as my head. It was HUGE. I could barely finish it. My friend even got some gator. Like a gator sandwich. Haha he said that it was really good. Maybe next year I will try one.

There were a ton of people there. The 6 of us all there had a great time. I didn't get to play any games but I got some really cool stuff at the flea market. I got a really pretty silk dress for only $6. I might wear it for a photo shoot or a cam session here soon. I also got a red Japanese parasol. I can't wait to use that in a photo shoot. We also got a machete. I didn't know they were so big. Its pretty cool.

Well afterwards we all went to steak and shake to get warm and talk more. We got there and after we had been seated for a while 2 of our gamer friends walked in that we hadn't seen in months. It was really nice to see them. We laughed so much. The food was good too. I love that place.

Then on the way home, hubby and I were listening to the silliest songs. We were singing at the top of our lungs to groups like Teniaous D, The bloodhound gang, and The midnight Beast. It was such a nice night. The hubby and I sing well together. I like to sing the alto/harmony part and he is good at the lead and the melody (he IS the lead singer of his band). Singing in harmony with him makes me happy.

Anyways enough of my gushing. I love you all. Kisses

Ambient Magic