Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tuesday Tease (Back at Last)

Introducing Tuesday Tease. This is part of the show, Ladies and Gents, where Ambient Magic puts out a new sexy video every Tuesday. That's right.... Every Tuesday!! And you lucky viewers get to see a Free trailer of it. You heard me.... for FREE.

This video has everything. I start stripping for my guy, getting down on my knees and sucking and licking his hard cock while he watches from his point of video. Then watch in as he licks my wet pussy and fingers me. Watch from my view and his view as he pleases me with my favorite move (fingers in my pussy and ass) Then every jiggles as he fucks me doggystyle and finally as I beg him to cum he cums inside me. Giving you great views of the cream 

Finally feeling SOOO much better. Hopefully I will get the offical ok from the Doc on Thursday. 

Enjoy the video all. Feel free to comment if you like it. ;)

If you want the full 9 min video. Get it Here

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Feeling Better

Hey guys. :) I am feeling a bit better. It's been a week since my surgery. It looks like I am just going to have some tiny scars. Which makes me feel a tad bit better about having scars in the first place... Anyways. I am feeling around 60% . So hopefully I continue to feel better as the days past. I have my follow up with the doc on the 31st. Lets hope he gives me the go ahead to start doing more strenuous things soon.

I have so many things that I need to do. Work is piling up. Which is a good thing but I can't do it yet and that's money that I don't have in my pocket yet. Le sigh anyways. This will all be over soon. Then I won't have to deal with gallstones ever again. 

Again thank you all. To everyone that helped out, sent well wishes and made me smile these past few days. Kisses to all of you.

-Ambient Magic

Thursday, May 17, 2012

It offical my Gallbladder is gone.

Yay! That damn gallbladder is out.

My surgery was today. I was very calm going in. That made me proud of myself since they didn't give me a sedative or anything to relax me as they were wheeling me from my waiting room to the surgery room. I got in there and got on the surgery table and they put stickers everywhere that record my life signs. (heart rate blood pressure etc) Which I found cool. Tiny little stickers that do that. Then I swear I had a person on each limb. One lady had my one leg and another had my other leg and there were people on my arms and the anesthesiologist messing around with my head and scurrying around. I was like "well guys I might as well take a massage while your down there doing all that, Haha this is very spa like." I had them laughing pretty hard. Which was nice. :) Helped relive my inner nervousness. They then they strapped me down. They put a strip over my thighs and feet. That was a tad disconcerting but they said it was so I didn't fall off the table. It ended up being ok though.

They then put an oxygen mask on me and i breathed oxygen for a while, while they did all the stuff they were doing.  Then the anesthesiologist popped into my vision and said. "Time to go to sleep are you ready?" I nodded and the next thing I know I was waking up in the recovery room.

 Woke up in pain and to a whole new group of people. I think I woke up with a jolt, scared. Like a mental "where the fuck am I, who are you people and get me some pain meds dammit" Lol. Of course I didnt say any of that. I was nice, and they gave me meds and I learned the nurses names and hobbies and all as I lay there waiting for the pain to go away. My throat hurt (from the tubes down that had been down it and they took out) my stomach hurt, everything hurt really. They gave me the pain meds in incriminates, which is smart as every person is different and deals differently with pain medicine. They gave me goldfish crackers to snack on and nice ice cold water to help the pain meds not make me nauseous. Then the pain went away, mostly, and they graduated me to oral meds instead of iv meds. Laid like that just talking with the people as the pain meds took effect. I wasn't loopy. I found myself very alert for all the meds that I was on. Which is good as it let me process all that I had been through while I was laying there. I then moved on to the next step of getting home.

I then had the nurses help me get dressed (wore my sexy undies hehe although all i had on was the gown they give you during the surgery) and sat in the wheel chair. Then my husband and twin came and saw me and got my release papers and directions and prescriptions and all that. After that they wheeled me out and I saw all the people that came. A lot of my family and friends. It made me really happy to see them. There were 10 people there physically and I had a lot more as well rooting for me on the internet. It is a good feeling to know that you are loved by so many people. (crying in appreciation just a tad.)

I got to the car and then got home. Hubby had to help me walk in (as I can't really do it by myself at this stage) and keep the dog from jumping on me. The dog is really cute and has been really snugly but when we first came in the house he was super excited. Heh, he keeps trying to lick the spots that i got pricked with a needle. Maybe he is trying to close a wound? Haha. Either way I didnt let him do that of course but I am sitting next to him right now rubbing his ears periodically as I type this.

So I have jello and mashed potatoes and mac and cheese. Starting with the jello of course and then moving up to the mac and cheese as I feel up to it. I do have to say, walking is a bitch. Hubby has been really great helping me. Fetching me things and plugging my laptop in and handing it to me, getting me food. It hurts to move my torso at all. So I am just sitting on the couch in the recliner with a nice heating pad and blanket watching some lord of the rings.  I still dont want to move. Even to lean one way or the other hurts. So I have learned to use my arms and legs mostly instead on my stomach muscles if I have to sit up or lay down more. Speaking of stomach muscles did you know that it takes 300 muscles to stand. And the majority of those being in your torso? Crazy huh. Lol

Anyways I love you all. Thank you SOOOOOO much for your well wishes, prayers, and good juju feeling sent my way. I have some nice pain meds and in about 2-3 days I will be right as rain. :) I love you all. Again Thank you.


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Update on Things

So I've been AWOL. Life has been pretty sucky lately. Not been feeling well. AS you all know, i am having Gallbladder issues. Well I finally went to the doctor after putting it off and trying to deal with it naturally and by eating better. But my attacks and pain just got worse. When I went to the doctor he said that my body is just creating these stones and that it isn't from eating fatty foods or anything like that. And that he wanted me to have surgery asap so that the possibility of complications is lowered.

So my surgery is scheduled for the 16th. I am going to be honest. I'm a tad scared. I am told that it is a pretty easy operation but I will still be under and of course there is always the possibility of complications with any surgery. Sigh

Anyways.  It not need be said that money will be tight. If you feel like donating to help, email me ambientmagic@hotmail.com If you dont or cant send me anything I will be happy with any good thoughts or prayers that you can send my way. I love you all. Thank you for everything guys.


Ambient Magic

p.s. hopefully my nurses look like the pic. hehe ;)