Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tuesday Tease


Introducing Tuesday Tease. This is part of the show, Ladies and Gents, where Ambient Magic puts out a new sexy video every Tuesday. That's right.... Every Tuesday!! And you lucky viewers get to see a Free trailer of it. You heard me.... for FREE.

This is probably my longest video. I play sex triva with hubby. As i get the questions wrong i strip and show you all my sexy body. once undressed i get to play with myself and have to stop when i get a question wrong. Eventually he cant take the tease anymore and makes me cum all over his fingers. A very very fun video.

It is in HD at this link -----> Get the full video Here

Love you all

Ambient Magic

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Swinger Mentality also Sunday Music Selection




 ( music that i like for you to listen to while you enjoy your sunday and read the rest of this long ass post ;D )

 For those of my followers that dont know that my husband and I swing...well now you know. lol. Anyways, We have been talking to this new couple. About 2 weeks ago we met them just for dinner to see if things clicked. They did, really well. So we met them again last night.

We all met up for dinner again. I love going to dinner with swingers. There is just something about being in a public place. Knowing that all 4 of us are going to do incredibly naughty things later. Watching the room of other boring people; seeing if they notice our chemistry. Sharing incredibly hilarious stories mixed with appraising looks at the other couple. Trying to keep our voices down.There is an element of danger. As ridiculous as it sounds in the back of your head you feel like everyone else in the room knows and they are going stand up and point and gawk at any moment. (I will tell the sexy details in a min)

It is actually kind of hard to explain the swinger mentality. When you go out on a normal 1v1 date, people accept that. That is "normal". Therefore no one gives those people a second thought. However if anyone had actually know what we were going to do later I am sure there would be 2-3 responses that we would get.

1) Shock and repulsion/horror: This is a very common response unfortunately. People can be very close minded. Whether this is from religion, morals or just plain not having any education about swinging. This reason is why most swingers are some of the most private closed mouth people around "vanilla" (non-swingers) people.

2) Curiosity mixed with un-welcomed desire: These people seem cool about it at first. But later they tend to think that just because you swing that we are instantly going to want to fuck you. We (and most swingers) are super picky about who they choose to have fun with so more than likely you don't fit the profile of what they are looking for. This mentality gets very annoying which again why swingers are so private.

3) People that don't care: This is my favorite sort of reaction. Whether they agree with what we do or not, they simply just don't care. They let people be who they want to be without interfering. Again my fav type of reaction.

Ok ok ok enough of the reactions to swingers. Let me tell you about our night last night. So we all had dinner together. It was pretty good food. Finally we couldn't take the sexual tension anymore. We all went to the hotel. I am usually the first one to have some form of article of clothing taken off. So I took my shirt off and then started playing with her. I was gentle. It was their first time swinging so i took my time with her. Playing, licking, i slipped her bra off. Her breasts were amazing and so sensitive. I took her nipples in my hands and swirled them around and licked and sucked on them.

I then started kissing her and it was like she went from shy to sex goddess in 2 seconds flat. I don't think i have ever been kissed by a girl with that much passion before. She was such a good kisser too (which is a huge turn on for me). I was on top of her at this point and she flipped me over and pulled off my panties. Kissed me from head to toe, teasing me. Then she licked me and shivers and jolts of pleasure went through me.

The rest of the night progressed awesomely. He had abs of the gods and we had so much fun together. At one point i was licking her and he was licking me and she was give my guy a blowjob. hehe a little "train" of sexiness and pleasure. Eventually we paired off. Me and her guy, and Hubby and her. mmmmm yes. It was crazy fun. Then we switched back. Me and hubby and she and he. I lost count of how many times I came. Eventually we all were just laying on the beds talking and having a nice relaxing time. I fell asleep at this point. I was so tired from all the cumming. Straight passed out. haha. They didnt mind though. We all snuggled. Then then went home. I was half asleep but I remember their fun sexy glow that they had around them. mmmm

It was one hell of a night.

Friday, January 27, 2012

My plans for the weekend

I have one hell of a weekend planned. Tomorrow I am offically getting my feet wet in the world of non adult modeling. I have a true Gig for about 4 hours. Should be interesting. Then I might go to a metal show after the promo on friday night. Should make for a fun day.

Then on Saturday, We are going to the guy's band practice. I love listening to my guy sing and play and create. What can i say i'm a sucker for the creative types. After that we have a sexy hot date with a couple. HEHEHEH I can't wait. This guy has abs of the gods and the woman is....mmmm lets just say very nice! I cant wait to have dinner and then play with them yummy yummy yummy.

And then on Sunday, we should have people coming over to play deadlands. Should be an epic weekend!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tuesday Tease


Introducing Tuesday Tease. This is part of the show, Ladies and Gents, where Ambient Magic puts out a new sexy video every Tuesday. That's right.... Every Tuesday!! And you lucky viewers get to see a Free trailer of it. You heard me.... for FREE. 

Get the Full HD Video HERE

I love all you guys. Thank you for everything and all the love that i get from you guys. Mwah Kisses

Ambient Magic


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Be Active and Informed


sign the petition guys. This bill will censor the internet and not just to get rid of piracy but ...for example lets say you and I are in a show that we are recording and I have music running in the background. I could go to jail for up to five years for copyright infringement....like i said that is just an example. Watch this video if you want more details. Be active and Informed guys. Don't let negligence ruin the internet.

here is the video link.  Video

Again it takes five seconds. Watch it, learn it, vote against it.

Love Ambient

SOPA Blackout

Sopa blackout to protest these bills trying to get passed. all the 18th. dont get on the internet now guys.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday Music Selection

Enjoy music that has made rock out today. Going a little classic with most of these. Enjoy all!

Mwah (kisses)


Friday, January 13, 2012

It is my Birthday

It's my Birthday.... 

that is all

(also dont you just love the hat???? teehee) 

if you want to get me anything you should get something in return. ELM

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tuesday Tease


Introducing Tuesday Tease. This is part of the show, Ladies and Gents, where Ambient Magic puts out a new sexy video every Tuesday. That's right.... Every Tuesday!! And you lucky viewers get to see a Free trailer of it. You heard me.... for FREE. 

This video is for all my slaves out there that need to be told what to do. Its a nice little video that is sort of an introduction into being dominated by women. Its good if you have never tried it before.  

In this hot 6 min video i make you my little bitch. I make fun of your tiny little cock. I make you bark like a dog and this worship my shoes and feet, Maybe next time you will be good enough to please me. $5

Get the full video Here 

Thursday, January 5, 2012

I am a Dirty Girl

So I was getting ready to get in the shower. I was a dirty girl. But I was horny so I purposefully slowly peeled off my clothes in my guy's vision. It only took a second for him to notice. I gave him my best come fuck me look and then walked into the bathroom. Pretending to ignore him as he followed me, I turned the shower on. He slowly came into the room and rubbed his hands over my naked ass. I turned and kisses him lightly and teased his hard cock by rubbing my body against it. I saw his eyes flash with desire as I teased him.

He then suddenly pushed me up against the wall, hard. One hand holding me in place as his other hand explored and his mouth sucked on my supple breasts.....

(hmmm should i tell you guys the rest of the story)


I think not. Lets just say that i am very very dirty girl.


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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tuesday Tease


Introducing Tuesday Tease. This is part of the show, Ladies and Gents, where Ambient Magic puts out a new sexy video every Tuesday. That's right.... Every Tuesday!! And you lucky viewers get to see a Free trailer of it. You heard me.... for FREE. 

So first of the year and i am already failing. I don't have a new video. My family was around way too much for me to have time to make one. So instead you all get free pics. Lol which i am sure you wont mind. Enjoy all ladies and gents. 

All of these pics are from my Bubbles bath set. Over 105 high resolution pictures of me all wet and naughty.  Want this? And you know you do... Get it here Bubbles

Monday, January 2, 2012

Call of Duty: Modern Warefare 3

So I recently rented this game. To be perfect honest I only got it for a game to play at a party. It has a great multiplayer. It was very fun in that regard. And then the I started playing the campaign and to my surprise I was very very very surprised. My previous misconceptions of Call of Duty was a simple basic shooter. Boy was I wrong.


The plot in the campaign blew me away. As far as i know this is the finale of the 2 previous COD games. It had a bittersweet ending. After following around the guys in your "team, taskforce, squad etc" almost the entire game through some pretty crazy scenes you get pretty attached to them or at least I did. (SPOILER ALERT)  So when most of your "friends" die in one way or another I got really sad. Each time one of them died however there was a ton of badass-ery involved. For example when Soap dies you barely escape a explosion from a building where you are sniping. You and he jump off the building, fall through a bunch of scaffolding to the ground where you are then besieged  by what seems a million guys and tanks and .50 cals. And you have to run and gun on your way to safety protecting Price as he drags Soap. When you do get to relative safety it was too late and Soap loses too much blood and dies anyways. Again the sadness.

 Here is the plot basics for those that haven't played. A Terrorist group based in Russia pretty much tricked America and Russia to go into ww3. The Russians invade New York (you push them back). Then the terrorist group sets chemical bombs all over Europe. London, Paris and a lot of other places. It is horrible to watch. The terrorist group then captures the Russian President and tries to torture the Nuke codes outta him (you save him) The world pretty much goes crazy. Eventually you track down the leader of the terrorist group and kill him in a very gruesome and badass way. At the end you are the only one left and there is just this feeling of  "good the fucker is dead" but "damn, look at the cost".  However it is a short campaign. I played through it in about 7 hours.

I wont ruin the entire plot for you but the entire time that you are playing it you have a feeling of "OH FUCK". It was a wild ride. My eyes were wide open and I was in awe and enthralled the entire time. Whether because of the graphics or the plot or just the shooting and game play. I played this game on my Xbox 360 and my HD tv so the graphics in this game was breathtaking. So much detail. You really feel like you are there. There are sniping parts (which i loved), underwater, urban, rural, sneaking, knifing, explosions, hostage rescuing, bombing parts, tank battles. There is this one part in Paris where you have to cross this bridge in front of the Eiffel Tower and there are a million guys and bombs and a ton of tanks. Then the tower falls...OMG! You watch the Eiffel Tower FALL (almost on top of you to boot) . It is this...horrifying moment. My mouth hung open I was in shock. Imagine if that happened in real life. It was...horrifying in the worst way. Anyways.


All of the Guns in the game are really cool. I have no frame of reference for whether they were accurate to real life but most of them were fun to shoot. I do have to say that there was no bullet drop. For example when I was sniping and they were far away I expected to have to account for bullet drop and wind to some degree and i didn't notice any of that. So it was pretty much aim and shoot which is really the only thing that I wasn't happy about. You did run out of ammo and had realistic clip sizes and could pick up guns of the ground. The Bad guys died with only 2-3 bullets in them which I thought was realistic too. I had no problems with the mechanics except when once i got stuck under and tank and couldn't move. That was the only glitch that I found. The controls were smooth and I had no problems running or aiming.


I loved this game. Never was I more happy to be surprised by a game. To be honest I kinda wanna play it again now on hard mode. Lol I might be up to the challenge we will see. Anyways enjoy the review and feel free to comment with your thoughts on the game good or bad.

Love you all. Kisses

Ambient Magic