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**Very hot video!
Sep 15 seller feedback by token for Masterbating and cumming all over my toy

**Very good video nice closeup of pee and good cum scene
 Sep 19 seller feedback by token for Pee and Masterbate Fetish video

**Great video good quality and sound! Very enjoyable
 Sep 22 seller feedback by token for Cumming close up in hd

**Great video couldn't ask for any better :)
Sep 25 seller feedback by token for Anal Tease

**While sitting in your living room, your girlfriend - the charming Ambient - comes in to tidy things up. Wearing only a top that barely covers, she provides a delightful distraction as she works around the room. When the dust rag fails to live up the task, Ambient's top must fill in, leaving her in the buff to finish her chores. Ah, domestic bliss!
Oct 07 seller feedback by regent for The Girlfriend Experience

**they're hot. thanks hon!
Oct 20 seller feedback by roborama for Fan Sign Custom

**Great video from this sexy lady
Dec 09 seller feedback by bull40 for Hot School Girl Escapades

P.S (i'm known as Fantasy Gamer Girl on this site)

 DatePosted byCommentRating
11/14/11poe117 Lovely, makes great custom vids....a true gem!5/5
11/10/11emopants Whoa very hott pics and videos too! Truely a beautiful woman who is very nice to talk to also =) Give her a try you won't be disappointed! <35/5
11/8/11Jerkyboy I knew when I saw her picts that her videos were going to be HOT and Gamer Girl didn't disapoint me.  Dont wait get it all 5/5
10/30/11Minato The perfect woman!5/5
10/19/11Twin_Sides The greatest girl on this site by far!5/5
10/18/11Khallel A amazing is all i can say5/5
10/16/11joethebear yummy! i love her body and conversations5/5
10/13/11niro315 Amazing content from an amazing woman! She's just right ;)5/5
10/12/11bobbyd622 OMG, this woman is so hot and sexy. She is my favorite on this site by far. I cannot tell you how hard she makes me and how long I can keep it up. She is magnificent.5/5
10/12/11xp7 Awesome girl. So hot you'll need a fire extinguisher5/5
10/12/11Nigelstud She's an Angel... I would like to give her 10 stars...5/5
10/9/11Mattski She is truly an incredible woman.  Her pics and vids show just how Beautiful and Sexxy she is so get all you can of her guys.  Also she is super sweet and kind and will treat you better than you have ever been before.5/5
10/8/11GenuineGuy What a great person, great personality, wonderful to talk to so down to earth! Treat her right guys she DESERVES IT!5/5
10/7/11dragolite Awesome, cool and sexy girl.5/5
10/6/11Mijo Incredibly sexy woman enjoyed everything5/5
10/4/11Broflex Gorgeous girl and she is awesome to chat with!!!5/5
10/2/11KasparKrycek Great conversation, fantastic body, absolutely highly recommended!5/5
9/29/11Forrestryan Perfect score. Perfect girl. Knows what you want better than you do ;)5/5
9/18/11Freak000 A sexy lady who's friendly and great to talk to.5/5
9/13/11Lonestar1 WOW!5/5
9/12/11Cathedral Amazing girl <35/5

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