Friday, June 29, 2012

Philosophical Friday: Women are Sluts

Philosophical Friday is something I have been thinking about doing for a few months. There are tons of issues out there for us cam girls. Things that we really should think about. Things that affect us everyday that we get on cam or post on twitter, or even when we post a sexy picture or video. I make no promises to find or propose solutions but I feel these issues need to be stated. Now that I have introduced the idea of Philosophical Fridays to you, I shall continue with the issue for today.

Women are Sluts, Men are Players

The title sets the tone about this issue. There is a huge divide in the psychology of society in this area.  It is completely ok for men to like sex and to go out and get a lot of it...While if a women likes sex and tries to get a lot of it they are looked down upon...

Now before people start yelling at me about religion and they are waiting for marriage or that they are "different". Or that "Well Ambient, you are a "whore". you sell yourself for money...blah blah" and etc. Let me say this. This is the average of society. Read the entire post before making a decision. So sit down, shut up and listen.

And lets continue...

These men (players) have barely any negative connotation associated with wanting a lot of sex. In America, It's simply called being a "red blooded male". Of course by saying that phrase, accepting that it is normal. "Playing" girls or guys (if they are gay or bi), having no emotional attachment in their relationships and etc is normal...But its not. It really isnt. While it may be a POPULAR opinion, I find it to be a symbol of an emotional detachment. Lets all be honest with ourselves. Emotional detachment is the true issue here, not the sex itself. A way of acting out. I will go on to explain more in a bit but now lets talk about women.

Through out the ages, women that love or like sex have ALWAYS had a negative connotations associated with it. A range of bad names from prostitute, slut, whore, trollop, hookers, and etc. Why is this? Why is it so unequal? Why, if I like sex (even if i didn't sell it) would I be called this? It doesn't make any sense to me. There is a SLIGHTLY semi-good name and that is Nymphomaniac. But even that is used to describe insane people. Try and think about it for a minute. Can you think of a single good name used to describe a women that likes sex?...Think really hard...I couldn't think of one. (If you do come up with one, please share with the "class" in the comments below.)

Now of course, there are people who are the exception to this issue. And of course there are people that exemplify this issue too. I'm sure we all have people in our personal lives that we are thinking about right now that fit into these slots. Think about that person. Why do you think they act like that?

Now that you have an example set in your head, lets get to the heart of the issue. I believe that it isn't sex as the issue. I really do believe that is a form of emotional problems. Maybe somebody has mommy or daddy issues. Maybe they feel that purposely acting like a player or (even on the women's side) a slut is the only recourse to them. They are trying to take control in the only way they see possible. I am sure that there are all sorts of reasons that make people act like that but I do feel that they have no "balance" in their lives.

I'm not going to preach to you about "women rule, men suck" and blah. That is another issue. But I am going to say that I am a fan of balance. Balance in all things. Yes I love sex, I love being a cam girl. This is fun for me. And yes I freely admit that it is empowering. But I love being me too. I have found my balance... I'm sure that we could dissect my psyche all day. But this is an issue for all of us to think about. Think about these questions.

Why do you think there is this issue in today's society?

Why is Temptress so much worse a word than Tempter?

Do you like sex? Is it in balance or do you use it to act out?

And lastly...

What do you think?

<3 Ambient Magic


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tuesday Tease

Introducing Tuesday Tease. This is part of the show, Ladies and Gents, where Ambient Magic puts out a new sexy video every Tuesday. That's right.... Every Tuesday!! And you lucky viewers get to see a Free trailer of it. You heard me.... for FREE.

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Pictures. Just because I can.

Pictures for you guys and gals. Just because I can. This is like an everyday outfit for me. ;) 

(stripping out of my normal little outfit)

(boobies just to tease you)


the best one.

( my guy got turned on doing this shoot)

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday Music Selection ( League of Legends)

I'm in a League Of Legends mood. Since their poor servers have been having trouble. So now for some awesome music parodies and etc. Enjoy. And its a pretty big selection. ;)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tuesday Tease

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tuesday Tease

Enjoy. In this 7 min HD video, I invite you over to study but really only want to see if the rumor about your cock being huge is true. I end up sucking your cock and begging you to fuck me. 

Monday, June 11, 2012

One Year of Insight

(love this tattoo btw)

Alright. Gentlemen who read my blog for the free goodies and occasional erotica that I write on here from time to time, This post isn't for you. Feel Free to go here and check out all my sexy videos and picture sets that you can get (Lots of more free pics there just from the thumbnails ;D ) Or of course feel free to read as well if you are interested.

Alright. Girls. I have had this blog post on my mind for a while. A month ago I passed my 1 year mark in the camming and sex work business. I still love it as much as I did when I first started. I have met a lot of great guys and I have met a lot of assholes. I have had really good days where I made hundreds in an hour. And in contrast I have gone a week without making a dime. 

I figured that I would list a few things that I have learned in my year of sex work. Some things I need to do better at and some I am a master off. As cam girls and normal human beings we all have things we struggle with and things that we excel at.

1) Believe in yourself:

It's really easy to get depressed in this business. Especially if you do this full time and have the pressure of bills to pay hanging over your head. Sometimes you will get that one asshole guy that knows how to press your buttons just the right way.  When you kick/ban (and you should do this to assholes) said asshole you still can't unread or un-hear what he said. Don't let it get you down. Remember: Just because one guy doesn't like you, doesn't mean the other 100 guys in love with you agree with his opinion at all. Believe that you can do whatever you set your mind too. No one can stop you. You are your own person and you decide your own fate. Which brings me to my next point

2) Set Daily Goals:

This is pretty self explanatory. Set a daily goal. Whether that goal be $20 or $100. Set a small one and hit it. Every day that you are working. Appreciate every cent and every dollar that goes to that goal. Now of course some days are gonna be easier than others to hit those goals. So pay attention to the times that you are on camera or are trying to sell videos. Pay attention to the type of traffic that you get on those times. Try and optimize your time and success by paying attention to things like this. Do that, and before you know it you will be hitting your goals with minimal effort.

3) Make Quality Content:

Everyone knows the one girl that is similar to you that is selling 50 videos for 5 dollars on some 'other site. Or the girl that sets her per min rate to .50/min. Forget that bitch. Your content should be quality. 

If you are on cam:

  • Every person you see come in, say Hi too. 
  • Know your boundaries when it come to what you will and will not do.
  • Have the most high definition camera that you can afford. 
  • Know what your guys want.
  • Don't be afraid to shake things up with different things.
  • Keep an open mind

If you are making custom content:

  • Again, Get the highest definition camera that you can afford.
  • Know how to compose a decent sentence and clearly get your thoughts across.
  • Be able to understand a guy's wants and give them EXACTLY what they are asking for.
  • Respect and treat people the way you want to be treated. (goes without saying really but you'd be surprised at the amount of people who dont)
  • Get back to guys in a timely manner. Don't leave them hanging not know whats going on
  • Know how long it will take you to shoot a video or pic set ( make sure you account for showers, makeup, costumes, shooting time, editing time, sending time) and be honest with guys about this.

4) Set a schedule:

I will freely admit that this is something I need to work on. I've been sick but alas none of my excuses... Try and find at least a little time a day to do what needs to be done. Remember constancy is great for bringing back repeat customers and new customers that want to spend money on you.

5) Separate Sex and Work:

This can be hard. Often times in this year of experience, I have found myself so tired from camming/making content that I would un-intentally ignore my guy. Try and separate your work "sex" from your personal "sex". This is very important. Of course by all means enjoy yourself when you are working but understand that you need to have sex just for you as well. Don't let your relationships suffer just because the only sex "connection" you are having is on cam or during videos. Now that goes for yourself too. Don't work all the time make sure that you have days off. All that jazz.

So ya. That is the basics of what I have learned in this last year. I could do on for pages but I have a feeling everyone would lose interest after the 15th page. Haha. Anyways Girls, I wish you loads of money and nice guys to make your days better. I hope that I have helped at least a few people with my insights.

Much love.

-Ambient Magic

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday Music Selection

Afternoon people. Hope everyone's weekend went well and that you didnt get too hungover. Here is some nice music that I have been listening too today while I'm writing some erotic custom stories.

BE WARNED. My music tastes are all over the place. haha. ;)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pics to get you over your Hump Day

Enjoy these pictures. Some of me. Some of just random awesome things on the internet

(me playing around on cam)

(I find this hot as hell from this awesome tumbler

(mmm. same link as before)

 ( oh yes. love these panties...and that ass)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tuesday Tease

Introducing Tuesday Tease. This is part of the show, Ladies and Gents, where Ambient Magic puts out a new sexy video every Tuesday. That's right.... Every Tuesday!! And you lucky viewers get to see a Free trailer of it. You heard me.... for FREE.

A 8 min long video of me making my guy take my shoes off and rub my feet! While I pay no attention to him whatsoever. Deeming my show more important than him but still making him do it. Watch in hd and see every wrinkle and wriggle of my toes. Every flex and arch. All feet fetish guys need to worship this video. 

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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Monday is the day

Alright! On Thursday I got the go ahead and get back to normal from my doctor. Thank God. I am on a 15 lb weight restriction for one more week but that will be easy to get around. So I am getting back on my camming schedule. I am going to be on a lot in the upcoming months. I am really horny and very tired of not camming. So expect great and fun times.

I should be on cam on Monday around 5pm - ? (that is eastern standard time for my other time zone peeps)

Anyways I hope you all enjoyed the little update and are having a great weekend. Kisses to all.

See ya Monday.