My Web Camming Advice

Tips 101

1) Smile, Smile, Smile
2) Hair Twirling is very effective
3) Always be Moving (keep the men's eyes roaming all over you)
4) Beware of the Freebies
5) Have music going
6) Talk (seductively if at all possible)
7) Have your lingerie match
8) Keep your nails painted the color of your outfit
9) Have a well lit room
10) Don't look bored
11) Try and keep the conversation in free chat going
12) Don't be afraid to say no
13) Clearly state what you will and will not do
14) Have Fun and your customers will too
15) Dancing is always fun and entertaining :)


  1. ..I Love You .. Big hug n a lot of kiss for you !!!

  2. Smile Smile Smile! It's just like working Customer Service!

    Insert 'Emphasis on the Service" Joke here..