Friday, June 24, 2011

My Fantasy

I wanted to tell you all about this fantasy that I have rolling around my head. Its pretty simple but I think that it would be super hot.  Ok I am into bondage a bit and it would start out that I would be blindfolded by my guys.  And then my wrists would be tied together with black rope. And then my feet would be tied tight (but enough that i could hobble). I would then be teased with a guy's tongue all over my neck. And I would feel hands roam all over my body, not being able to see just adding to the suspension and anticipation.  I would then be taken to a car and thrown in the back seat.  While I was laying in the back seat the guy would get on top of me and proceed to have a hot make out session with me. Wiggling against my restraints, my hands wanting to roam on his body but not being able to. Just about when i couldn't stand it anymore, he stops making out with me and slams the door leaving me writhing in unfulfilled pleasure in the back seat. He then gets in the drivers seat and (not saying a word) drives me to our destination. He then gets out and grabs me by my arms and drags me a distance. From my other senses i can tell that it is a forest and i hear the distinctive sound of a waterfall. Then i get thrown down on a blanket and the blindfold is ripped off. I am in a forest glen on a blanket with a picnic and there is a waterfall next to us. He flips me over on all fours and in doggy (still tied up). He spreads my legs and rips off my panties. And then he proceeds to fuck me. Thrusting is rock hard dick inside my pussy. Halfway through the amazing animal sex it turns into passionate love making. He unties me and we make love. When we are done we simply lay their in each others arms in sweaty exhaustion. After we had gotten our breath back we go skinny dipping in the waterfall and play with each other naked. Maybe have sex in the water. Then when we are done we eat and have a good picnic.

That's one of my fantasies. Hope you like it

<3 Ambient

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My cat came back

Just a really quicky tonight. This evening I was camming. I had a decent day (even had a girl pvt me). Well I was in the bedroom and I had literally just finished a private show, when I heard this meow at the window. This super surprised me because our cat of 3 years had run away. It had been 5 days since we had seen him. We adopted him with no claws so we thought he was probably dead. I thought the meow sound was hubby playing a joke on me. And when I called out hubby's name and only a meow answered I feared for who it might be. Well when I pulled the curtain aside lo-behold there were a familiar pair of glowing green eyes staring at me. I was so shocked. The funny thing was was that i had no clothes on. I had yet to put them back on after I had just finished with my private show. Then the window wouldn't open. So i kept hurrying and fiddling with the damn window, naked as a jay bird. LOL. If the neighbors were watching i am sure they got quite the free show. Finally I got him inside and got him some water and food. He seems ok except for a slight limp on his right paw. We are going to take him to the vet tomorrow just to make sure. I am just so happy because it felt like a member our family was gone. Now we are all together again. Me,hubby, dog and CAT! Yay

<3 Ambient

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Support And My Sex Life

First off I want to talk about how awesome my friends are. I am the type of girl that only has a close knit group of friends. They are great. The few choosen few I have told what I am do for work have been super supportive. The usual reaction is wide eyes and raised eyebrows. Lol but as soon as the inital shock goes away they are totally supportive. I even had one guy who said he was really impressed with my initiative. He said that I had the "cushyiest" job outta all of us. And to an extent he is right. I basiclly get to look pretty all day ;). I feel like I now have some control over my life. I can make my dreams happen!  And I enjoy what I do. I get to work from home and talk to guys that love my "assests" all day, and i get to wear sexy outfits. Which brings me to the second part of my blog today.

Wearing sexy outfits is probably one of the best perks of this job ( i get to write them off on my taxes too YAY shopping!) Well I  cam in my bedroom and when i am done with a private show i will usually come out to get a drink or food or whatever and in doing so my husband sees me in said sexy outfit. In whatever state of undress i might be in. He will usually give me the "oh god you look sexy" eyes and sometimes amazing, mind blowing sex comes from that.

Well the other night probably the best sex i have ever had came out of that look. I had just got done with a private. It was one of those 2 min assholes that i was talking about in my previous blog. I had just started to play with myself when he left the room. I always hate that because it leaves me incredibly horny. So I said to myself that i needed a drink and some food before i went back into free chat. I slipped on my thong and put my bra back on. As i opened the door the smell of food cooking filled my senses. I walked into the kitchen where he was cooking dinner. It looked good but it wasnt ready yet so i walked to the fridge to get a drink and wait for the food to be done. As I walked past him and bent over to get in the fridge, I feel his hand on my ass. Caressing my soft skin. I turned around in surprise. As I looked into his hazel/green eyes I saw a look of wanting filling them. I smiled at him in a teasing way. I then proceeded to turn around and fold at the waist to put my drink back in the fridge while grinding my ass against his tight pants. He put the food on simmer and gave me a seductive smile as he pushed me towards the couch. I went willing, his demeanor was getting me hot. He pushed me over the back of the couch, his hands running sweetly up and down my milky white skin. His eyes taking it all while not saying a word. He flipped me over so i faced him did the same thing.

He pulled off his shirt and let me run my hands all over his chest and back. I pulled him to me and started to kiss and nibble on his neck, our hips starting to grind in rhythm. I flicked my tongue across his ear. "I want you so much" , I whispered in his ear. I then passionatly kissed him while our hands roamed all over each other. I rubbed the hard spot in his pants and grabbed his ass while he squeezed my boobs and kissed me all the harder. I was done with sweet though. All of a sudden I bit his neck hard and started sucking on it as he gasped in pleasure. He grabbed my nipples through my bra and started twisting. I couldnt keep biting him under the pleasure he was giving me. I pushed him away and the look in my eyes said "Come get me if you can, if I let you" He smiles at the challenge. I run to the other side of the couch playing hard to get and strides after me, not having any of it, and grabs my wrist and throws me on my back on the couch. He gets on top of me and pins my wrists above my head as he teases me with his tongue and other hand while i pretend to struggle and bit and lick his arm that is holding me. Finally, i cant stand it anymore and I break free of his hold and slide my hands to the button on his pants and start to undo them. He grabs the back of my bra and undoes it and tosses it to the other side of the room as my breasts fall out. I get his pants off him and he almost rips my thong off. He starts kissing me and then moves his kisses down my body until his tongue is flicking across my clit as i moan in pleasure. When he is done teasing me he quickly thrust inside me with his hard dick. He thrusts me hard as my hips move with him in concordance.

He then stops and looks sweetly at me and brushes my hair off my face and over my ear and says "can we do anal love?" (i like anal, it just isnt my fav thing) I was in the mood for it and i said yes. So he pulls me off the couch and into the bedroom. We move my laptop and camming things on to the floor and he gets the lube and pushes me onto all fours on the bed. I grab the bars on the head board as he rubs the lube and inserts two fingers in to my pussy. I was getting so close to cumming. He then turned on my toy and put in my pussy and then put a finger in my ass. Oh God I was so tight and his finger felt so good with agaisnt the vibrations from the toy in my pussy. I couldn't hold it any longer. "I gonna cum", I said. "Go ahead, I want to feel it". I came so hard with the toy and his fingers.  As he pulled the toy and his fingers out he gave me a second to recover and then he slowly slid his hard dick in my  ass while i rubbed in circle on my clit. It fit so tight. "Harder", I said. I was close to cumming again. Him thrusting me harder and faster with every second. I could feel him getting close. And finally we came at the same time. Him moaning with pleasure and me screaming. My eyes rolling back in my head and my back arching with the force of our combined orgasim. Afterwards, we cleaned off and just laid there in sated exhaughstion. Pleasure and contentment rolling off us in waves.

It was probably the best sex ever. *sighs in contentment*

Hope yall enjoyed a little insight into my sex life

<3 Ambient

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Clever Music For Cam Models

Music is a very important part of my show. I have a very eclectic taste that ranges from heavy metal to 80's to rap and some country. Well I like to play songs during my show that 1) I like and 2) that are funny and ironic to listen to. I added some new ones today and they just make me laugh because they are so perfect.
Here are a few videos of the songs. Pay attention to the words and not the music vids. Enjoy and if you have any you like to play or listen to when in chat leave a comment or a email.

<3 Ambient


Monday, June 6, 2011

Ah Life, Te Amor

K guys here is a quick personal blog about the daily life atm. I would just like to state that in the month or so that i have been camming have made me so happy. Seriously. I feel that i actually have control on my life and i am not stuck at a 9-5 hating every minute of it. It is like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

And  the aftereffect of this happiness is that actually have the energy to exercise. I have been eating better since February, and have lost about 17 lbs, but i am still over what i need to be for my height/weight requirements. So some friends of mine and i got a running group together. I ran tonight with them for about an hour. To be fair a lot of that was about 70% walking and 30% running but hey... its a start.  It felt good. I feel pleasantly tired.

Next thing that has been on my mind is GenCon. I know it isnt until August but i am getting excited for it. I am a totally gamer chick and nerd. I play Deadlands, D&D, Spy Craft, Mutants and Masterminds. And that is just tabletop stuff. I am mostly a pc gamer but i do have an xbox that i like to play. Lately i have been playing a lot of League of Legends and Battlefield Bad Company 2. I need a nice piece of art to go above my headboard and what better place to get awesome gamer art.

Also just wanted to update you all on my plans on making and running a website. I knew nothing of html and css a week ago and i have stuffed my head full of all the information i have found on the web. I feel proud of that fact. I might just get a template (like one of my model friends suggested) and modify it. We will see how that goes. I have to do a photo shoot and i need to shoot some video content to use for when i open the site eventually. I got my cam check in the bank today, I was so excited. I just wanted to put out the total this time to give an accurate portrayal of what a nooby model can make in her first 2 weeks. I made in 30 hours $718. That averages out to  $23.9 per hour. Which let me tell you is SUPER better than my "cover" job.

Anyways that is all for the moment. Thanks for reading. Feel free to leave a comment. I love feedback

<3 Ambient Magic

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Types of Men

This blog is all about the types of men that come into my chat room.

The Freebies

These men want nothing more than to get a free show. Most tend to talk a lot and normally repeat what they have asked for over and over and over. "Show tits" , "bra off", "fuck yourself baby". These are only a few of the things you get guys to ask you to do for free. On site like myfreecams you can be topless so i leave the decision to accede to your discretion. I usually just ignore these guys. But sometimes if you give a little you will get a lot. For example on guy came into my room and by the way he was acting i had labeled him a "freebie" in my head, However he was insistent that i do a hand bra and if i did he would take me private. (if you don't know what that is you take your bra off but cover your nipples with your hands). So finally i did one. I teased all the other guys to make it a game. And he took me private and we had a really hot time. Now he is one of my biggest spenders. Be careful though about guys like this. Usually they will just say for you to do something and they will  pvt you and then leave the room after you have done this. Its a fine line to walk. Also if you find a guy that you aren't sure of, then check how much money or tokens he has. Make and informed decision. Also watch for guys that just stay in your chat room the entire time you are on. They wont spend a dime on you but they continually say "nice boobs", "great ass" things of that nature. I just casually keep an eye on those dudes but try and stay focus on the guys serious about pvts.

The Lonely

These guys tend to get in and talk your ear off. All they want is your attention. There are some lonely guys that will actually take you private and have nice long chats (and the sex thing too) with you but most are guys just jerking you around and not in the good way. If you play your cards right you might get one of these guys to spend a ton of money on you and might become on of your biggest followers. My advice? Try and get a feel for what the guy likes. I tend to get guys that like comic books. I start talking about marvel or dc and they start drooling even more. Make yourself seem like a well rounded person (i try that in irl anyways) and that you are actually interested in what they like. It is important to remember what each specific guy likes. Now the best guys are the ones that i can easily talk to and have chemistry with. Some guys just want you to do all the talking, It can get hard with there is hardly any feedback from them.

The Assholes

These guys are exactly what they seem. Even model will get the few guys that don"t like them. They may call you fat or ugly etc but these are the obvious ones. I just ban those fuckers without a second regret. But there are hidden assholes. Usually they are guys that have money and come into you chat room and after a little bit of watching they say "wanna go pvt" and you say yes. (or worse they just insta-private you) So you get in there with no idea what they want to see. I usually guess they want to see the normal. I ask seductively what they want to see and they end up just saying "get naked" and that's it. So you take off your clothes and by the time you start playing with yourself they leave. Without another word. I hate guys that don't at least say hi when they come into private with me. I call these 2 min assholes. Just remember don't put up with the shit. If they are bothering you just ban them. We have too much good traffic to worry about the bad.

The Nice/Normal Guys

These guys are obviously my favorites. They will come into chat and be polite and totally enthralled by you. I like these guys. I especially like the guys that get on cam 2 cam with me in pvt. It makes it easy when you are in doggie style and you can hear the guy moan or speak instead of having to turn around every 5 seconds to see if he has typed anything. Try and get these guys to join your fan club. They are the ones your ultimately want to follow you.

The Fetish

FEET:     There are tons of guys looking for really different things out there. Try and catch any vibes that you can from these guys. I like foot fetish guys. They make my job easy. Take off shoes and stocking and put them up to camera and commence with the wiggling of toes lol. You can make is hotter than that. Take a finger and put it in your mouth like you were doing a bj and make it all wet and then slide your finger through the spaces between your toes.

DOMINATE/SUBMISSIVE:     I get a lot of these guys. They want me to dominate them. I get a few of guys that want me to be submissive. It is important that with these guys that you set boundries. If they are asking you be submissive make sure you tell them what you are not ok with. Also make sure it goes both ways if you are getting to be dominate make sure you know how far to push these guys. Usually though the dirtier the better. I tend to make up stories for the guys i domme. For example I tie the guy up in the bathroom and leave him there on the floor. While he is in there I am hosting a party. Playing the perfect hostess. Then when i decide to remember that the guy is there I drag him out and put a leash around his neck. I then walk him out into the party where i take a seat (like a queen) and make him feed me and refill my drinks while everyone else watches. Pretty much i treat them not worthy of my notice. Then when i am done with the party i leave them tied up in the bedroom with words that "You didn't do ____ well enough, we will discuss this when i get back" I send everyone  else home and then procede to the sex. There are infinate possiblites for this. Do what ever your can image.

YOUNG GIRL:     This is a bit of a moral issue for me (and i dont have a ton of moral issues). They want me to play like preteen stuff and i just cant do it. I could play it but the lowest age i can go is 16 and that is pushing the boundaries for me. I also have just too much boobage to go any lower lol. If you are ok doing this then whatever floats your boat. Simply be honest about what you will and wont do.

Well thats my general assesment of most of the guys that i see. If you read all of this sorry it was soooo long but i hope there was some good information for all you noobies out there.

Much love