Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Web Camming Fun

Hey Guys. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. My Christmas was nice. On Friday we went to the band party. It was fun. We got smashed sang karaoke with the really loud amps from the bands stuff. We stayed the night (which we had planned on) and went home the next morning. There was really good food. The rhythm guitarist cooked and brought this really amazing dip and deserts. It was a fun filled night. Then on Saturday night we went to the family get together. My mom went all out on the dinner. Ham and mashed potatoes. I got a ton of things I needed which was very nice but not a ton of stuff I wanted. Eh, oh well it was still really nice getting what i got. :D It was a practical Christmas. I had a good time.

Anyways after missing camming because of the holidays i jumped on cam last night. This picture is the outfit i was wearing. I got on to see some of my regulars that I had been missing. I love camming. It is so fun and naughty. I think I came probably more times than I can count. It was a very very very fun filled night.  Now to just get my guy feeling better so I can pounce on him. Because we all know...cock is way better than a toy...

Anyways. I loves your faces. Mwah

Ambient Magic

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tuesday Tease


Introducing Tuesday Tease. This is part of the show, Ladies and Gents, where Ambient Magic puts out a new sexy video every Tuesday. That's right.... Every Tuesday!! And you lucky viewers get to see a Free trailer of it. You heard me.... for FREE. 

Today the #TuesdayTease is gonna be a little different. Here is an example of the erotic stories that i write. I made a video of me reading this and then getting naughty but its exclusive for the guy that ordered so i cant show it. But without further ado.... "The Client"

"The Client"

        I suppose that I shouldn't ask for much.  Being what I am, you don't exactly get to pick who your clients are.  If you wanna eat, you have to take all kinds:  small ones, big ones, ones that are so weird you won't even have a description available.  But, I want to tell you about the one client who, at first appearance, didn't seem like much, but who turned out to be one of the best I've ever had.

            And being one of the highest paid girls in the city, when I tell you I've seen them all, you better believe me when I say that this guy caught even me off guard.

*          *          *

            It started out basic enough.  I got a text from the escort company saying a simple code that, at passing glance, my mother wouldn't understand if she happened to pick up my phone, but I would.

"830, LBH217, D:BL, SM"

            Sighing heavily, I mentally translated that code.  It was a pretty standard meeting:  8:30 pm at the Lantern Bell Hotel, room 217.  I was to wear a black lace dress and meet a single male in that room.  I woundered to myself what he would be like, but really, I could never be sure.  Did he smoke?  I hated smokers.  Did he want anal? Not that I mind anal, but some assholes think that means that they don't have to lube up or anything.  I mean, yea, I'm a whore, but come on!  A little courtesy goes a long way to making me want to pleasure you more, but a sore asshole just makes me want to get it over with.

            That thought pushed me to the idea that maybe he wanted some crazy S&M shit.  Or worse, he could try some of that water sports insanity.  He'd better not.  Says so on my website, "no water sports/feces."  He'd fucking better not want that.

            Standing in front of my mirror, I selected my most appealing attire.  A black, lacy short dress, as requested.  The laciness of it was almost see thru, and if one stared long enough, they could see the lingerie I had on underneath:  a black corset pushed my supple tits up into the spotlight where they belong, and the length of it went all the way down to the silky lace panties I selected, the ones with the thong that fit perfectly into my ass.  I added a garter belt and some super sheer stockings to add a little class.  Maybe the John didn't want class, but it made me feel sexy, so that's what I chose.  The sexier I feel, the sexier the work.... 

The rest is too sexy to show on here. Want something like this? Get it here

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Breathe the Night

What is it about the night? There is a haunting beauty that pervades my innermost thoughts during the night. A stillness that quiets my soul. A freedom to simply be quiet and to simply be me. Even in the stillness there is a melody that overrides chaos into silence. Pleasured memories of sensual filled nights. Small smiles of remembered delights. Honesty of thought. Purity of emotion. Clarity of mind... All is possible in the night. A walk in the brisk winter air. Stars shinning. Peace. Breath misting as you walk. The sound of nothing but your own footsteps.  Simply being. Being one with the shadows. No fear. For the shadows give us the ability to completely relax into who we really are... What is our purpose?...Who are we really? A sadness that puts mundane into perspective. Breathe. Enveloped by  haunting beauty.  The Night....

A little different than what I normally post. But i simply had to share. A poem? Prose? Feel free to call it what you want.  My brain was in this mode. I'm not sure why but i feel cleansed. I hope this made you stop from your day and really think of the melody and beauty that surrounds us.


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tuesday Tease


Introducing Tuesday Tease. This is part of the show, Ladies and Gents, where Ambient Magic puts out a new sexy video every Tuesday. That's right.... Every Tuesday!! And you lucky viewers get to see a Free trailer of it. You heard me.... for FREE. 

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I start off by being your sexy tutor trying to teach you some math for your upcoming test. But you just wont listen. Watch as I start to tutor you in something else. I instruct you to be a good boy and do as i say.

Monday, December 19, 2011

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Smart enough to get around Stupid rules

Ok so here is an example of what i did to get around stupid rules in the offer's section of a specific site. Rules that state i can't use any sexually explicit text to try and sell PORN.....So Yes I have a Dirty Mouth and a even Dirtier mind. Don't like it...haha get the hell over it... (goes off dancing and ignoring the haters)

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Monday, December 12, 2011

Tuesday Tease

Tuesday Tease

Introducing Tuesday Tease. This is part of the show, Ladies and Gents, where Ambient Magic puts out a new sexy video every Tuesday. That's right.... Every Tuesday!! And you lucky viewers get to see a Free trailer of it. You heard me.... for FREE. 

Friday, December 9, 2011

Review of League of Legends

League of Legends Review
By: Ambient Magic

What is it?
League of Legends (abbreviated LOL) has recently become the new craze in PC gaming.  Since its open beta in 2009, the game has grown exponentially. This action arena style real time strategy game (RTS) is published by RIOT games and was based on the DOTA (defense of the ancients) map from Warcraft 3. Since then it has taken on a life of its own. Being free to play and being addicting as hell it is easy to see why.  This game has so much replay ability that I have become so addicted to it. I found it only a few months ago because a few of my friends were playing it. And now, we all play it. I recommend this game highly.

Gameplay and controls
The basics of the game are pretty simple. Once you download the game and create an account you become a Summoner. As a Summoner, you start at level 1 and can eventually play enough to get to max out at level 30.Once you are ready to begin playing you can then choose from over 81 different characters to play in 5v5 or 3v3 matches. For your first match you will only be able to play the “free to play characters” (rotated every week). Until, by playing the game, you get enough experience or IP to buy whichever character you choose.  Each character has a rich backstory and a unique set of powers to use in the matches. I normally play a girl character called Leona. She is a tank (lots of health). Most of her powers are stuns so she protects the characters on her team that are the damage dealers.  Watch out guys, I will out tank you any day of the week (but some of you guys would love that wouldn’t you?). However, that is me…back to the review.

Forgive me for going all blah and boring by giving you the mechanics for the noobs, but here it goes. All matches are played on the same map. We will use the 5v5 map as it is more common. 5 players play on the blue team against 5 players on the purple team. The map looks like this. 

As you can see, the map is divided into 3 lanes (top, middle and bot). Each lane is protected by towers and creeps that spawn every few seconds going down each lane and meeting at the river that divides the map in half diagonally. 

Before I go any further, I will warn you that once you have started at match you cannot leave it until someone has won. If you leave, your team has to continue playing with one player short. It’s very difficult to play 4v5 as it is called, so don’t do it. If so, you are branded a “leaver” and are easily some of the worst scum and trolls of the earth. Seriously, I will rage at you if you do this…

The point of the game is to destroy the towers and eventually killing the Nexus.  (The nexus is big star looking things on the first image).  The best way to do this is by leveling up your character (not to be confused with Summoner). Every character starts at level 1 in every match and maxes out at level 18 (where you really start to be badass) until the match is finished. 

Everyone spawns at their prospective nexus at the start of the game. You start with a certain amount of “gold” which lets you buy items to “beef up” your character. Once you buy your starting items, you choose a lane. A good amount of strategy goes into this as you get better, but usually 2 people go bot lane. 2 people go top lane. And 1 person goes mid lane.  Then the fun starts!! This is when you start to kill creeps to get gold and xp, (you get ip after the match is done for your Summoner levels) push the towers, and kill people. When you kill someone, this usually involves a lot of trolling. Don’t be a complete asshat but don’t be afraid to enjoy it.  ;) Accomplishing any of these things lets you buy better items as you progress in the match so you can become even better at killing things. Once you destroy the nexus, or have your nexus destroyed, that ends the game.

Win or lose, you then get IP. This lets you unlock new characters, runes and masteries .The Runes are like a skill tree. You use the IP to buy them. Runes give you a “head start”, as it were, at the beginning of each match. Depending on what character you are playing (you can choose whoever is available to you at the start of each match) you can have different pages. Let us use my tank character, Leona, as an example. With her, I have armor runes, health runes, and dodge runes.  But on one of my DPS (damage per second) characters, the page looks vastly different. So with that in mind, one of my favorite characters to play is called Sivir. She is all about attack speed and damage. So for her rune page I have armor penetration (to kill those pesky tanks), dodge (so I don’t get hit), and mana regeneration (so I can spam the hell out of my powers).

Now for masteries (you get 1 point for every Summoner level). This page is 3 sets of a skill trees (defense, offence, and utility). If you don’t know what a skill tree is… (**shakes head in despair**) I’m not going to explain it to you… Ok and going on. This page is completely customizable as well. To give you more examples, I have most of my points put into defense when I play Leona. And in contrast, my masteries page for Sivir has most of the points put into offense.  Depending on what character you play will determine what your pages will look like.

 Here is what the rune page looks like. (Not necessarily mine)

Masteries Page

So in conclusion, the game is fun to play, especially if you get a bunch of your friends together to play with…or against.  It is well put together. It is free to play but you can buy (with real money) “skins”. Which is a sort of set customization that riot comes up with for each character occasionally.  I feel that it adds a coolness factor into the game. They make your character look really cool but it is optional. I play this game way too often. And if you get into it you will see why.
Anyways, I’m done explaining it. The main point is, enjoy it. And don’t troll too much

-Ambient Magic

ps. I had this review posted over on but I dont think most of my loyal followers and readers saw it. So here it is. Enjoy!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Comedy of the Day

Omg I can't stop laughing at this guy! HAHA. Prepare to be offended and amused.

It is a long video so listen to it while you have time.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tuesday Tease

Tuesday Tease

Introducing Tuesday Tease. This is part of the show, Ladies and Gents, where Ambient Magic puts out a new sexy video every Tuesday. That's right.... Every Tuesday!! And you lucky viewers get to see a Free trailer of it. You heard me.... for FREE.

 Week One : The Naughty Librarian. 

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Monday, December 5, 2011

Exclusive Deal

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Friday, December 2, 2011

A New Ambient Magic

Check out my new hairstyle. I have never had it this short before. But I just decided to be spontaneous and take the plunge and get it done. Only cost me 13$ too. Not too shabby. The hair dresser did really well cutting it. But then she tried to style it and i looked like a poodle lol. So much volume. haha I took a shower afterwards and restyled it. I am liking it. My head feels super light tho. There is probably only 1 inch in the back. so i could spike it if I want to. It will be interesting to explore the new range of hairstyles possible now. I feel like a new woman. haha.

We (my guy and I ) have a hot date with a swinger couple tonight. They are our "friends" (meaning we have been with them  a few times before). I hope they like it. I guess it is all about your attitude. And i think that I can really rock this out. ;)

Love you guys.


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hot and Sexy Teaser Video

Here is my little teaser video, made from a few of the videos that i have made. Thanks for the intro was made by my friend (he is a secret Jedi  lol ) BlkSuitThinking. He is pretty awesome. If any camgirls want his services. send me a message and i'll pass along the details. ( Anyways here is the video. Check it out. If you want more i will post a link below as to where you can get these sexy videos and more xxx videos and picture sets like them

(quick note: these videos are normally hd but i had to decrease the quality to be able to put it on here. you can get the hd ones at the link below)


ExtraLunchMoney : Awesome site! The guys that own and run it are sweethearts. Lots of nice buyer features too.