Saturday, August 27, 2011

My Mini-vaction

So guys, I've been camming hard. Trying to get enough money to go to PA on September 16th, since i actually dont get my paycheck til like the 20th i am trying to raise the money now. But of course i have to pay bills first. So i have rent covered but not the car and two bills that are due soon that i have to pay. I am working on those. I would really like some spending money to go up there, not to mention gas. Since i am the only one working atm, if i want it to happen i have to make it happen. We are going to meet some friends and see one friend who is on leave from the military. I am excited to go. I hope that we actually get to go. We'll see. I'll try anyways.

But hey if you wanna contribute anything come to and have a private with me. Or if you dont want to do that i added a $50 prepaid american express card to my wish list. the link is here . All and any help is appreciated. If you do either of these two options i will send you my latest photo shoot  20 set package for free. If you do a private with me make sure u tell me it is to go to the mini vacation so i know to send u the pics. Again I love you guys. Thanks for always being awesome.

<3 Ambient Magic

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wake up Sex

So ya its probably one of my favorite types of sex. First off I love my sleep. Seriously I probably get about 10-12 hours of sleep. Just my natural sleep cycle i suppose. Anyways my hubby woke me up in bed this morning. He said that i should wake up and snuggle him. My hair was all sleepily tangled but i was completely naked and warm from being under the covers. He snuggled up next to my naked body. Kissing me and teasing me. Making me laugh with his silly antics. Suddenly the silly turned sexy. The next thing that i knew we were making out. Pulling each others hair. Suddenly he jumped on top of me and slid his dick inside my tight pussy. I was so tight and his dick felt so huge. It was rock hard. It felt so good. We passionately made out as we rocked back and forth together. Finally i started to moan as i started cumming. He then shuddered at the same time and we both came at the same time. It was glorious. Afterwards we snuggled more and slept a little then got up and he made me food. I really love him to death. He then convinced me to take the day off and snuggle and watch tv and play video games with him. Its been a nice day. The only thing that could make it better was if we had money to go on a shopping spree. but hey a girl can dream right.

<3 Ambient Magic

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Unexpected Swinging Night

So ya tonight was so unexpected that i have to blog about it. If you follow my twitter you saw that i cancelled my cam tonight so I could go to my friends band. Well we stopped at my friends house to get ready to get ready to go to the show. We drank a little there and then we went to the bar. The band was awesome. We all and a bunch of other people had a great time. We rocked out and got smashed. We waited until we were sober enough to drive and then the hubby and me went and got tacos for us and the other couple. We were just going to go back to their house to drink but when we got their the girl pulled hubby into the other room and started ripping his clothes off. This was completey unexpected. This couple knew that we were swingers but never acted on that knowledge. I guess they had discussed it. Well I paired off with her husband and had amazing sex. Ha, then we played a few games and then hubby and I came home. We took the dog on a walk and discussed how random that act was while we were walking but by the time we got back home we were almost ripping each others clothes off. We push each other to the bed and just proceeded to have animal fucking sex. He had marks from her on him and i added my own. Making the bed shake until we both came again and just laid there in sated exhaustion. I have to say that it was a crazy ass night. Fun, i love swinging.

<3 Ambient

Friday, August 19, 2011

My Love for Women

I've been thinking about women a lot lately. While i love men and I'm married to a man there is something about a women's ass...and boobs (runs off into fantasy land). Being a swinger i do have some experience with pleasing women. First off there are the things about a women that make them better than men on some levels. Number one: We smell a lot better. Number 2: Lips are so soft. Number 3: Our skin is so soft and our legs are silky.

Now lets go into how much pleasing a women makes me feel. I love the foreplay. I like to take my time. Teasing a women with my eyes, running my hands thru her hair. Brushing her hair over her ear. Kissing her lips. Licking my tongue over her neck. Lightly blowing my hot breath in her ears. Nibbling her neck. Deeply inhaling and smelling the scent of her. Then start to make out while my hands run playfully up her legs. And finally pulling her towards me, our breasts smashing together, my hands tracing the curve of her spine down to her ass and gently squeezing and exploring.

Not being able to stand teasing her any longer I rip off her dress. Exploring her with my eyes as she does the same to me. Letting her slowly undress me. I get wet and the sight of the curves of her breasts and the way she looks in her bra and panties and the way her hands feel on me. Flipping her around and making her bend over and let me look and appraise the sight of her in a tight thong. Pulling it down around her ankles and heels. Then wet my fingers and lightly play with her pussy. Just using my hand on her outer lips to tease her as she writhes and grinds up against me.

Then i undo her bra and push her on her back down on the bed. Starting with her toes and licking and flicking my tongue on her ankles. Massaging her calves, working my way up her silky legs. Brushing my breasts against her as i crawl slowly up her body. Making eye contact and nibbling on her thighs, working my way towards her clit. Letting her hands run through my hair. Then as soon as I'm almost to her pussy i keep going up her stomach. Watching her beg me with her eyes and i just smile in return. Mischievously, sliding my hands around her back and stomach. Moving my hands and squeezing her boobs. Flicking my tongue on her perk nipples. Softly bite her hard nipples and pinch them between my fingers.

Then letting her push me back down to her pussy. Working her pussy. Really just eating it out. Deeply sticking my tongue in her vagina. Putting my whole face in there. Using my tongue on every inch. Then using my fingers, First just one, and then two. Moving then in and out, in and out. Hitting her g-spot. Feeling her tighten around me. Then i add my tongue with the fingers into the mix. Hearing her moan just turning me on so much. Loving every minute of it. She gets louder as i can feel her getting closer. Almost feeling her waves of pleasure as the electrify through her body.Finally she cums. Feeling her cum all over my fingers as she jumps under me, almost screaming with the force of it. When she comes down from that wonderful high of cumming. Afterward just snuggling.

Yes i love women, But the reason i like men is because women can get so crazy........And sometimes i just need a really good fucking.... ;)

<3 Ambient Magic

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Bad Week

 Forgive my rant guys. This is how i have felt this week. Its just been (money-wise) a crappy 5 days. I guess we all have them but it is still annoying when i have rent looming over my head. Sigh. But seriously i am barely halfway to rent. I usually try and make 100$ a day which is usually possible...not this week. On Tuesday i just quit early because i spent almost 2 hours and made like 5$. And there were hardly any guys in my room. Last night started off decent but just gradually slowed to a grinding halt.

Being the only source of income in the house is trying. My husband just got a night job but he doesn't start it until next week. It'll take some of the pressure off me tho. Another good thing that will make me feel better in the long run is that my car will be paid off at the end of September. So that will give me another 300$ in my pocket a month. I'm going to use that to start up my own site and get all that rolling.

Ugh sometimes i really hate finances and money. It has crossed my mind just to go out in the middle of nowhere, build a cabin, grow and catch my own food lol. but i really dont think that i could do without the internet and i do love to cam. I really really love it when i make money at it too. I guess there is nothing to do but keep trying. Push through it. Maybe next week will be's hoping

p.s. oh the guys that did have shows with me this week were awesome. I had some really nice times with my fan club members and people.

<3 Ambient Magic

Monday, August 8, 2011

GenCon Goodies and Review

I had so much fun at GenCon this year. Me and the hubby spent almost all day up there. This post will be full of pics of what i got and etc. I got a few things for you. I was in a total badass mood here. No sleep and all hyped up and excited to be there. This is my modern sivir costume. Yes it's a homemade costume lol i only started it a week before con so it worked. the shield was fun to play with.
Here is some of the jewelry that i got. The red choker necklace that i got there has a bell and a loop on it. Thats for all you guys that wanna lead me around on a leash (mmm yes plz and then make me lick your cock?) The necklace and earrings are d20 dice. I love them. I wore them tonight to the game. The other thing is a tiara of sorts. The jewel is just so pretty and i feel like a princess in it.

This is the shirt i got. It shows off my geek/nerd side really hard. But its so true i had to get it. And yes there are boobs under all those clothes...

There is most of the awesome artwork that i got. All of them were done my Aaron Miller (except for the deadlands one). Sweet guy. Love all of this. My fav is the village waterfall one. Forgive the bad pic of it but they are all awesome.

GenCon was awesome. So many people and lots of things to buy. I loved just randomly sitting down and playing a demo with random guys. I kept wondering if I "knew" any of them lol. Maybe one day. Feel free to comment and give me your opinion.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Sexy in White

Hey guys i have just thought you all need a new way to view me. I love this picture. I thought you all should enjoy as well.

<3 Ambient Magic