Friday, September 30, 2011

What i have been up too.

Well guys, I thought i'd give you an update on whats been going on with me. Its been a little crazy around here. In the mornings I have been watching my 3 year old nephew. I normally watch him from around 10am to 5pm ish. He is fun. The poor dog and cat have been really patient with him. Even though monkey (nickname for nephew) tries to ride the dog and he pets the cat's fur backwards. Well I am watching him today. Normally my sister drops him off but they called us today to come get him. I thought "strange" but i was half asleep when they called so i didn't think any more of it. Come to find out that my sis had put him in his car seat in the truck and then had forgot something inside and ran inside real quick to grab it. In the space of a few seconds monkey had put the truck in drive and the truck coasted into the living room. Putting a big hole in their house. Everyone is ok but pissed off there is a hole in the house and damage to the truck. Ultimately everyone is ok and that is what matters. Crazy though.

Life goes on. I have been playing softball every Friday. I normally play left field. I have been getting some decent catches out there. My hitting hasn't been that good. It doesn't help that i like to hit over short stop's head and most of the guys that play that position are really tall, which makes it difficult. I should try and start hitting right field.

My sister has also got me hooked on Nora Roberts. She is a romance novelist. I have to say I like her writing style. It is  a little fast but most of her book are only about 400 pages so i understand. Anyways its like literary porn. Its pretty fun to read. 

Anyways besides for that. I have been trying to make a lot of content. Taking custom orders and all that. So if you have something you would really like to see. Email me or send me a twitter message.

Love you all, :)

Ambient Magic

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Crazy Saturday: Cops and Paper mache

So i had to blog about my crazy day. It started early around 10am. The hubby and I then drove to his band practice. Which is at the practice space/sound room they built in the lead guitarist garage. Everything was going great. Me and the only other girl there cooked lunch and we all hung out while the guys started writing new material.

It was only a few hours in when the guys decided to take a break and watch a movie before doing more. So the singer (my husband) and the rhythm guitarist went off in search of the movie, leaving me in the house watching mythbusters (nerd i know) and the lead and the drummer outside by the open garage door just talking and waiting for them to get back. Well the lead's one neighbor is crazy. and i mean crazy! He came over, drunk as all get out, and started screaming "white power" at the top of his lungs and trying to go into the drum room and play on the drummers kit. The drummer about beat his ass just for that. Hanging on people and being an all around crazy drunk person. He wouldnt get off the property. Thats when the lead came in the house really mad and called the cops. Finally the guy left cuz he knew the cops were coming. But it was almost a show down. The singer and rthyum got back and were sad that they missed all the action. But the cops were really cool. They couldn't do anything to the guy because of indiana law but they were really nice to us. Laughed with us and said they would try and catch him actually on the lead's property so they could charge him with trespassing. Anyways we left soon after that.

We then went to my twin sister's house. It's my nephew's 3rd bday tomorrow and she was making a monster truck paper mache pinata. Its a good thing i went and helped her. She had made the paste completely wrong and the "truck" looked more like a little dog. Lol. So i fixed the paste and made it look more like a truck. I made really big wheels by putting 2 paper bowls back to back and paper macheing around it. I even made axles for it to spin on. Pretty good if i do say so myself. So i really was up to my elbows in paste and even got it in my hair. lol i had to shower before camming tonight. The truck looks nice though. Worth it to see the joy on his little face. :)

Anyways it was an interesting day to be sure. ha lol. one to remember

Love you all

-Ambient Magic

Friday, September 23, 2011

OMFG Shoes!

YAY i totally got 2 pairs of shoes in the mail from my fav fan. OMG I love them. Like seriously LOVE them. I will do a video blog later and post it. so happy. I am totally walking around naked in them i love them so much.


Monday, September 19, 2011

Dont Get Burned

I simply want to warn all you girls out there. Be careful. Guys will take advantage of you. I am wary about guys that want freebies. I dont give anything away unless i get something out of it. It can be very hard to do especially when you like the guy your talking to. I find that typing cyber sex is probably the hardest to charge people for. I usually make it cheap since it's just typing. I charge about 5 bucks for 10 mins of cyber chat. Anyways before you give something away think about it real hard.

-Ambient Magic

Thursday, September 15, 2011

New Exciting Content

Hey all. So i have been really working on making new content for you. I thought that I would give you all a nice list of what i have so far and where i am selling them.

Love in the Makin' photo shoot

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Cherry Lipstick Video

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Short Strip Tease Video

Pee and Cum Show

I am just added a rough sex video with my husband for all you guys that want to see me sub. Maybe at one point i will Dom him. We will see. Anyways enjoy. And I'd love to know what you think. Love you all <3

Ambient Magic

Friday, September 9, 2011

Preview for Sexy Strip Tease Photoshoot

Besides not feeling very well, i spent the time makeing and edit some videos and photoshoots for you guys. Im selling them for super cheap at The lotion video is only 5 bucks and the photoset is only 5$ too. If you wanna help me have a mini-vacation Buy either of these before the 16th. Here is a peview for the photoshoot.

Here is the link to buy these things. <3 Love you all


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Well Fuck

Ya, I thought i should give all of you guys an update about what happened yesterday. I was finally able to start camming after my monthly week off. I had just taken a shower and eaten a small dinner. I was watching tv and putting on my makeup when my stomach started to hurt. I thought it was just indigestion. But then it got progressively worse and worse. I had the most horrible throbbing and stabbing pain in my abdomen. It then spread to my back. Between my shoulders and then to my chest. I had no idea what it was. Then it became hard to breathe and every time i tried to take deep breaths to calm down the stabbing pain felt like it was crushing my lungs.  I looked up my symptoms and all i could find in my quick search was that i should get immediate medical assistance.

So i called my mom and let them know i was going to the hospital. We drove there and they got me right in. By the time we got there i was crying (i dont cry, im pretty tough about pain). I was really scared at that point. They put me in a room and i waited for 30 mins before they came in and started an iv. Then it took another 20 mins for them to give me any drugs. The entire time i was crying and i couldn't sit still because no matter how i moved or sat or lay down it hurt. My poor mom tried to tell me jokes to keep me entertained and to distract me. Finally the doctor came in, and she really had no bedside manner whatsoever. The nurse was really nice however. Then they gave my anti-nausea meds. Then she gave me Dilaudid. It was pretty much immediate relief. I was sooo happy. I could finally lay there in hardly any pain. I waited another 20 mins for them to get the test results. They said my scans were normal except for the gull stones. And that i needed to stay away from high fat foods and a lot of dairy. So that was good news. They gave me a prescription for some pain meds and sent me on my way.

Talk about surprising. I have never really ever had any major medical problems. This came out of the blue. One more fucking thing i needed, more bills. Sigh So that means no mini vacation for me. Which pisses me off but what's a girl to do. I have to be responsible before i play. I hope things get better here soon. I will be camming as soon as i can. Bills and all that. I love you all. Hope your week is better than mine.


<3 Ambient Magic

Sunday, September 4, 2011

My Love of Syfy, Fantasy, and Video Games

So today I'm going to blog about how much a nerd I am. First i am going to talk about my love of Stargate SG-1. I am really enjoying the show. The dynamics of the show are great. It has a great plot, very imaginative, there is great character development, its has a great sense of humor...and i kinda wanna fuck Michael Shanks (but you know). This show just appeals to my love of space travel. I cant wait for the day when this is possible for the human race. I mean, can you imagine meeting an alien race? The mathematical possibilities of humans being the only intelligent life in the universe is astronomical.  The things we could learn...

Another science fiction show that i have been watching is is Warehouse 13. If you haven't seen this show yet you are missing out. Its about this group of government agents that "grab,bag,and tag" artifacts. They keep all these artifacts in the Warehouse that almost has a personality of its own. This show is incredibly funny. A lot of the artifacts are things in history. This show is unique and it has wonderful character development. I love the fact that they delve into what it is to be human.

Those are just a few of the tv shows that right now I'm into but that isn't even mentioning the video games that i am playing. I am really currently into league of legends. Its a free game. Think of it as Age of empires meet WOW. It is a very fun game. I also cant wait for Battlefield Bad Company 3 comes out. I play the second one and its awesome. I love the online multiplayer. There is nothing more fun than sneaking up on someone and knifing them and getting their tags. ;)

As for fantasy goes. There are so many books and tv shows that it is very hard to narrow it down. I just finished re-reading Brent Week's trilogy. Its about this kid who becomes a wetboy (assassin with magic powers). To become it, he has to give up love. I love the dynamics in it. There is lots of fighting but the plot is amazing. You can really connect to the main characters.Its a very thought out book. It was a page turner. I re-read all 3 books in like a week. I could barely put them down.

Another series that i have been reading for a long time is the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. There are 11 books written by Robert Jordan, however he died before he could complete the last book. They have a new writer (Brandon Sanderson) writing the last book that was so large they had to split it into 3 parts. This series is about this world where magic exists. The world is incredibly detailed, each land has a very detailed back story and culture. Some people think that the books are slow and boring. However i eat them up. The characters take on a life of their own. The only way i can describe these books are epic. Really epic.

So now you know how much of a nerd I am. lol I hope you all still like me... ;) I love you all.

<3 Ambient Magic