Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Christmas Dreams

This Tattoo is what i want for Christmas. I have wanted this tattoo for about 3 years but never had the spare cash to get it.  The guy that I went to says that it would cost me about $900 and would take about 3 stages. So, I would love to have at least 1 stage of this done for my Christmas present.

If you want to help you can contribute here at my ELM profile. I have Sexy XXX videos and picture sets that range from only $5 to my most expensive videos at $25. I am also offering Skype shows if you pay through the ELM site. It is 25 credits for 10 mins. Every sale that I get in November is going to this until I can buy this for my Christmas present for myself.

I love you all. I hope your holidays are going well so far.


Being Sick Sucks

So I thought i should tell you all why i have been afk. As much as i would like to be on cam, making money and having a good time, being in pain has put a kink in those plans. For those who have not been keeping up with my twitter. I was recently in the hospital. I had a Gall Bladder attack. If you have never had the pleasure of that pain, then let me explain. It starts where you just feel full, and then it progressing in discomfort until it hits pain that starts in your stomach and just then encompasses your entire torso. It gets so bad that every time you try and take a breath you cant get a full one cuz of the pain. That description pales in comparison. It was just ...fucking....awful.

So they did tests and told me that I have Gall Stones. Which, who in hell knows how I got them. I feel like I am old. I am 22 for fucks sake. Its a silly thought but i feel like my body has betrayed me. Anyways they want me to have surgery to take them out. Or take my gall bladder out. I have to make an appointment with the doc to discuss the details. So that will be fun....ya....fun (face palm). I don't want to have the surgery. But i have been told by family and friends that i should go ahead and get it and damn the consequences. Which would be TONS of money and being in the hospital for up to 5 days plus recovery time at home. Not my idea of a good time. If they give me good meds at least i will be able to handle it.

So that is what has been going on with me. I will update you once i talk to the doctor and give him all of my money....


Saturday, November 12, 2011

My Goal right now

Hey Everyone,

Another update style of blog for the moment. I added a paypal donate button  in the top right hand corner there. I am trying to get a few goals taken care of. First Goal on my mind is rent! Lol. My guy is in that annoying space in between starting a job and waiting to get paid and I am unlucky enough for rent to come right in between that space. My rent is $525 and I am $100 short. I have to have it by Monday. If there is any way that you can help it would be most appreciated. Even if it is only $1 or if you can't do that then simply retweet my blog link on twitter. If you do donate you will be spoiled I promise you that.

Anyways enough of the "poor, woe is me stuff" I hate having to ask for help. But a girl does what she has to do.

Thanks for any and all help.

I love you all. :D

<3 Ambient

Friday, November 4, 2011

New things in the Works and updates

Hey all,

I thought that i would give you all a nice update on everything. I wanted to thank everyone that entered my contest on MGF. I didn't get as many entries as i thought that i would, but for my first contest i feel that i did well. I also got to meet some awesome new people by doing the contest. I might do another contest of a different sort here soon. I am in the process of having my own Independent web cam site built. For all my naughty xxx content. But I will give you more details on that later as well more details on the contest i will do for it.

Also I am adding a feedback page to my blog here. If you want to contribute. send me an email with what you want to say. I am more than willing to make it annoymous if you want, or i will do a link your business or website if you want as well. Just let me know on that front.

Lets see, on another good note. I finally got my car paid off!!!!!!!! God that was 4 years of paying $300 a month for a car that really isn't worth that at all. I am super happy about that. Getting that much closer to being out of debt. Life is picking up and my mind is getting happier by the second.

 Anyways I have girl advice to blog about now. So guys feel free to stop reading here if you want!

If you girls follow my Twitter you will know that i got scammed. One of my regulars jipped me outta $300. Live and learn. I have learned that no matter if they are your regulars, you trust them or even if you like the guy....do not and i repeat do not do anything for free. Do not send things first with out payment. Seriously. Your life will be better off that way.

Anyways enough of the rant/advice thing. I will update will more details as I get them.

Love you all


Ambient Magic